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Spring Has Sprung

With each season, we welcome something new; weather changes from warm to cold, or cold to warm, giving us something to look forward to, every couple of months. Like now for instance, we are in the midst of welcoming spring and I am bustling with joy, because its my most favorite season of the year. And, in these months comes another anticipated holiday we celebrate, Easter.

Easter sneaks up earlier this year, but between the kids’ excitement and the unseasonably warm temps, I’m pretty psyched. With everything on the books this month, I wanted to get a head start on Easter outfits for the kids, so I checked out what The Children’s Place had to offer. This brand has been a repeat in Ryder, Siella, and Gemma’s wardrobe since before they were born. Their styles and colors are always on trend, and I can outfit all three kids in one stop, so it’s a huge time saver.


The Children’s Place had a plentiful selection of Spring and Easter gear for all three kiddies, so in addition to these dressy looks for their Sunday best, I bought some trendy shoes and fun seasonal accessories, like these sweet bonnets. When I look back to my childhood photos, my sister and I always donned an Easter hat, so when I saw these Crochet Sun Hat with flower detailing for my girls, I couldn’t resist.


Both girls are wearing a Sleeveless Floral Flare Dress with lace detailing. I especially love how the colors of the flowers, while spring-like also contain pops of neon, giving more of an edge. The cotton lace is super soft, so they are comfortable, while still looking fancy. I know Siella and Gemma will get a ton of use out these trendy dresses well into summer time.
IMG_3689 IMG_3844

With their spring and Easter photos scheduled for next week, I wanted to coordinate their outfits, so for Ryder, I found this Short Sleeve Cotton Poplin Shirt, containing the perfect pop of neon orange. I paired these skinny fit Chino Pants with the top, which makes one sharp looking outfit.

IMG_3680 IMG_3675

Children’s Place carries a bunch of cute accessories, like sweet little handbags for the girls, sneakers and sunglasses for Ryder, and pajamas for all three. I picked a few of them up for the kids, but have been holding off giving to them, as I plan to sneak them in their Easter baskets.

IMG_3667 IMG_3769

With Easter falling the day after Gemma’s birthday party, I’m psyched to have their outfits already selected. In fact, with Children’s Place, all of their wardrobes are prepped for the spring! We are all looking forward to coloring eggs and waiting for Peter Cottontail to come visit our home.

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