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Spring Break Books For Kids

The kids may be on SPRING BREAK this month, but I still make sure to incorporate reading time. Here are some of our fav’s this month!

Spring Break Books For Kids | Stroller In The City

This timeless tale is a follow up to The Nutcracker . The New York City Ballet has created The Sleeping Beauty created The Sleeping Beauty fully implementing their style and sensibility.
Author of Juno Valentine and The Magical Shoes, Eva Chen has now created A Is For Awesome! depicting 23 women who changed the world!
For the little fashionista in your life, this book will educate and inspire! This book is beautifully illustrated and covers the biggest fashion icons of time, from A to Z!
Spring Break Books For Kids | Stroller In The City
In this New York Times Best Seller, your kids will get to draw, color, write and explore their imaginations in this interactive journal. Raina Talgemeier guides you through this interactive journal, making it extra fun for kids!
In this series, A Crystal of Time takes you into the Students’ endeavor to restore the throne with its rightful king. With the false Kind Camelot and King Rhian’s dark plans, the students must save everyone before their stories are written forever.

Joanna Gaines’s We Are the Gardeners

In We Are The Gardeners, Joanna and the kids begin their own family garden. The Gaines explores their obstacles to overcome, failed endeavors, and the knowledge that led them to building a successful garden.
Spring Break Books For Kids | Stroller In The City
Oscar is a happy dog who grew up with his family, teaching him that the only good thing about cats is chasing them up trees. Molly is a clever cat who was born into fame and fortune. The two have been taught their whole lives that their respective opposites are no good, but after getting lost in the woods together, they must find a way to work together to get home.
With the troublesome home life already in the mix, Rafe Khatchadorian is not ready to be thrown into his first year of middle school. His master plan to get through all the turbulence: to break every single rule in his school’s code of conduct!
Harriet is a loveable monster who’s terrified of giving a report in front of her class. As she approaches, her heart rate increases, chest tightens, and stomach twists into knots! This is a great read for kids who experience the same thing and it can help them realize they aren’t the only ones who can feel anxious at times!

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Spring Break Books For Kids | Stroller In The City

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9 thoughts on “Spring Break Books For Kids”

  1. It’s important for kids to have good books like these, for enjoyment over the break, and to keep their reading skills sharp. Great suggestions!

  2. Both of my children loved reading when they were younger and my daughter is still an avid reader as a young adult. Having books to read over the spring break helps keep their minds active and cuts down on the boredom.

  3. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I love James Patterson. I have almost all of his books but I never would have imagined him writing a children’s book. There are so many good books in this list, I can’t seem to pick which ones I like best.

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