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10 New Children’s Books For October

School is officially back in session and this month I was really looking for new releases that tackled some of the harder transitions involved with school and routine. While also loving all the sweet stories about fall and the changing seasons. With Fall really starting to creep up, I’m also looking for more activity books to keep us busy for those rainy chilly days. I love how much my kids love to read and I don’t ever want them to get bored with their libraries.

We all grew up thinking the monsters were the scary guys, but what if the monsters were afraid of babies? Hehe! The perfect little story leading up to halloween that will teach children monsters don’t have to be so scary.
I love that this book also comes with a plush toy of the main character of the story, The Toothless Monster! A great interactive story about a toothless monster who gains its smiley teeth as your child continues to lose theirs! This story also teaching our children healthy dental habits.
We all need a friendly reminder to put the phones away and be totally present with not just our children but our surroundings. This sweet story is that reminder. In the hustle and bustle of NYC, I love that this book is a story my kids and I can really all be present to read together and take into our individual days.
A great activity book for a fall rainy day. The 3d pop-up story allows you to build a ticket booth, vending machines, arcade games, food stands, a carousel, a roller coaster, and so much more!
This funny book takes a look into anxiety. And though everyone from time to time has worries and fears, we don’t want our children feeling held back by these stresses. Wilma helps our kids learn the tools they need to overcome their common hesitations.
From the founder of The Flour Shop, this is a sweet story about new friends who all have the same birthday. Amirah is about to turn 11, she just finished baking for birthday cake and is transported to the magical land of birthdays. There she meets 3 other friends from different places of the world who all share her birthday.
As you all know my children love to travel and explore new places. This book allows children to travel to fantastical imaginary places right from the comfort of their own homes. A true journey that will have your kids dreaming of all the new paces they can discover.
Clara can sometimes have a temper and it has scared some of her friends away. But after meeting Brodhi the bird she has found tools to find her calm. Brohdi teaches Clara how to meditate and express frustrations in a healthy way.
Explore the fall forest with Lily and Milo. As they go on their afternoon adventure they cross paths with the hedgehog, nuts, apples, the color changing leaves. A sweet story for younger children about the magical time of fall.
A cute little story about the routine of going to bed. Zaza always must tuck and wish goodnight to all her little friends. Its her goodnight routine.

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13 thoughts on “10 New Children’s Books For October”

  1. These all look like fantastic books. If only my kids were young again. They would have loved these when they were little.

  2. These are super awesome books to have! It’s fun and interactive which is great. Kids are going to love this.

  3. These look adorable! My daughters are 4 and 10, bedtime stories together are their favorite. Monsters are afraid of babies needs to make it to our list!

  4. katrina Kroeplin

    these books looks awesome. my kids would love them along with a few friends and their kids. i’ll have to share with them.

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