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Ride On

When I compare my kids’ childhood to mine, there’s no mistaking just how much they differ. While I try to raise them with the same values instilled upon me, their environment, surroundings, and home life couldn’t be less similar than mine. We are choosing to raise our children in NYC, and even though I love everything about it, there is that one piece of burb-life that I’d like them to experience. Luckily, my parents still live in the same house where I grew up, so many weekends are spent escaping to their place.

Hello Kitty Car Review

During these summer months, their pool offers some great relief, which we can’t enjoy at our apartment. Another great thing about house living is space. At home, we have little space for bikes, but we keep compact scooters on hand. Bike and bigger riding toys need to stay at my parents, so when I saw this Hello Kitty Car, I knew where it was going to live.

Hello Kitty Car Review

The Dynacraft Hello Kitty 6 Volt Powered Ride is shaped like Hello Kitty herself, so how can this car couldn’t be any cuter! Featuring a custom body style, this stylish set of wheels includes Hello Kitty’s face on the hood and an embossed steering wheel with working sounds.

Hello Kitty Car ReviewHello Kitty Car Review

An MP3 input and speaker allows kids to cruise around with their favorite tunes, which has been hilarious to see Gemma bopping up and down while she’s driving. The Hello Kitty Car has extra details to make her shine, including Hello Kitty’s signature pink bow that lights up as she rides along. The car offers one speed, at 2.5 miles per hour, which goes forwards and backwards, for 45 minutes of run-time. The vehicle’s contoured, comfy seat and adjustable play seat belt feature is key, because it helps kids realize that its important to buckle themselves up.
Hello Kitty Car ReviewHello Kitty Car Review

I brought the Hello Kitty car home unannounced, so Gemmie flipped when she realized it was for her. I mean what little three year old girl wouldn’t. She start out with a couple of ride alongs driven by her big sis,  but with the ease of driving and adequate speed, she got the hang of it in no time.

Hello Kitty Car ReviewHello Kitty Car ReviewHello Kitty Car Review

Feeling super blessed that I can give my little kiddies the best of both worlds with fabulous city living and a spacious suburban spread. Gemma now asks to go to my parents house on a regular basis just so she can drive her new wheels. This super sweet ride is available at Toys R Us, and after all the fun Gemma has had, I think it would make the perfect for Christmas gift for other little girls. Wow, Christmas. Is it really less than 4 months away!?

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19 thoughts on “Ride On”

  1. Pam Wattenbarger

    That Hello Kitty car is just so cute! My kids had a little Jeep that they could drive around the yard in.

  2. This has to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, a hello kitty car! I want one for myself even though I can’t fit into it. I’m a huge hello kitty fan. Good to know it’s available at Toys R Us. Christmas is almost here, so exciting!

  3. That looks like so much FUN! I would have loved cruising around in one. Heck, with all the features it offers, I might try to crowbar myself in it.

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