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Q&A: Hatch Collection

Check out Stroller in the city’s interview with Ariane Goldman about her uber fabulous maternity collection.  

How and when was Hatch by twoBirds created?

Twobirds was created in 2007 when I was planning my wedding and realized there were no options for bridesmaids wanting to wear a dress again after the wedding. Then later in 2011 when I was pregnant with my daughter Charlie, I realized there was a similar void in the maternity world enabling women to look chic and feel beautiful in clothes they can wear again after the baby.


The concept of the collection is brilliant! Can you tell us more about how the pieces can be worn before and after pregnancy?

I’ve always been partial to pieces that are elegant, easy and don’t hug the body too tightly. Most of the pieces in the HATCH collection are designed to drape loosely but still compliment a woman’s body but give her the room she needs to grow and move. The idea is to invest in pieces you can wear now, during and after the baby so you can enjoy your clothes and not look at things as disposable.


Where can we purchase Hatch? 

Hatch is currently available at www.hatchcollection.com.  I’m building the company online only for the first year or two ro really understand where it belongs in the retail world. 

Can you tell us your favorite pieces from the collection?

I’ve always loved the soiree dress as well as the button down. Both are so beautiful and I get complimented each time I wear them out.

What is your inspiration behind the line this season?

I LOVE the new pieces for spring! They are fabulous and easy and the colors are inspired by sorbet colors.

Please tell us how Hatch is involved with Every Mother Counts charity?

When I was pregnant I realized how small we all are and how life is so much bigger than us. I was less selfish and wanted to give back, and think other mother’s likely feel similar. When I was looking for the right charity partner to connect with I found Every Mother Counts which generated awareness about infant and maternal mortality in poor countries. Through education and a few simple tools, we can reduce this mortality rate by over 85%. Those numbers are just astounding and it was a no brainer to partner with them and for every purchase on HATCH, $5 goes to Every Mother Counts.

What can we look forward to from Hatch? 

Exciting things! Spring is going to be fabulous as is fall and I’m very excited about some collaborations that are in the works but I can’t mention those just yet 😉

Check out Hatch Collection at www.hatchcollection.com

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Hatch Collection”

  1. Maternity clothes have come a long way the past 5 years and Hatch just proves it. What a gorgeous collection! I so wish I had Hatch when I was pregnant. Clothes that transitioned easily! I love their styling, their clothing their everything. Gorgeous!

  2. Judi L. Adkins

    I can find no Fit Guide on the website, and have had no luck with email contact.
    I cannot order with confidence since I do not know which size to order. Size 1 is supposed to fit up to size 8. Unfortunately, I do not know what a size 8 is by Hatch Collection standards. Size 8 is a popular size which varies greatly from clothing line to clothing line. PLEASE post Bust and Hip measurements on your website, or provide garment specific measurements. Due to a lack of communication, I am afraid that I have missed the opportunity to purchase the cotton chambray jumpsuit.
    This is disappointing. Your clothes and company philosophy are wonderful!

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