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Personalized Holiday Gifts

Personalized holiday gifts have always been my favorite kind to both give and receive. They’re so much more meaningful when they have that personal touch. After all, any of us can simply go out and buy a thing or get a gift card. Don’t get me wrong, those are great, but when you get something that has your name or some other personalized quality to it, it just feels so much more special.

Minted has long been one of my favorite places to buy personalized holiday gifts for my family and friends, and over the years, I’ve found all kinds of great treasures for friends and family. This season, I wanted to share some of my favorite personalized gift ideas to help give all of you some ideas for your own personalized holiday shopping, including these framed photos!

First up is the Fillmore Duffle. This beautiful duffle bag features a leather strap and a variety of prints, from checkered to floral and more. The personalized name tag is on full display right on the outside of the bag between the straps, so that special person in your life who always travels or just has a ton of stuff to carry around will always have a lovely bag that can hold a ton and look great doing it.

For the traveler in your life, a personalized Dopp Kit is just the thing. This high-quality Dopp Kit comes in stripes, leaf patterns, and color-blocked styles just to name a few. The personalized nameplate is on full display right on the front of the bag.

The Catch-All Pouch Set is a super cute set of two pouches in both a small and large size to hold essentials or just random stuff. It’s a catch-all, after all! These pouches feature a cute zipper accent along with a wide choice of colors and styles to go with the personalized nameplate on the front of both pouches.

For the chef in your life, Minted’s personalized aprons & mitts sets are the perfect gift. And if they have kids, even better. They’re available in kids’ sizes, too! With choices ranging from geometric designs to Santa and other Christmas-themed prints and everything in between, there are sets to fit any style for men or women.

From foodies to travelers and everyone in between Minted has personalized holiday gifts that will fit anyone on your list. These are just a few of my favorites on the site, but I highly encourage you to visit the site and see everything that Minted has to offer. Use my code BRIANNEGIFTS for 20% off holiday gifts at Minted + free shipping! This includes photo art gifts, custom bags, and more!

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16 thoughts on “Personalized Holiday Gifts”

  1. Personalized gifts are always the best for the receiver. The list of options you have included here looks just fabulous. In particular, I am looking at the first bag for my niece this Christmas. Have to start shopping as we are entering December already! Thank you for the nudge with this post.

    1. I found the holiday gifts extremely amazing and perfect for me and my family members. I loved the content. It’s incredible

  2. Thank you for sharing this great personalization gift idea along with the coupon code! i can’t wait to order some for my family and friends today.

  3. I love personalized gifts. In fact, they’re the best kind of gifts we can give to our loved ones. I know this, since I always feel special when I get one. personalized gifts are more appreciated. Thanks for sharing these ideas

  4. This year I made it a point to be more mindful about buying gifts instead of the usual impersonal gift cards that I’ve gifted in the past. I’ve spent time really thinking about what each person likes and catering the gift specifically to them. The aprons look amazing, I was actually thinking of buying matching aprons for my son and I since we both like to bake together. Good to know they have them in kids sizes as well!

  5. There’s that feeling of special in an extra way when you receive a gift that one took their time to make for you personally. I like personalized gifts too.

  6. I always love personalized gifts. It’s an act of kindness and care to a particular person. It means a lot to me because that takes time, effort and creativity.

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