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Our Top Cookbooks for Hearty Meals this Season

A healthy cookbook for any home cooks or recipe developer looking to create comfort food or simple recipes for meals is something we’ve been on the hunt for awhile now. I’ll always remember the first cookbook I ever bought as a mom to make delicious meals. Healthy recipes for families after a long day of school and work are things we take pride in this home. It’s fall and I’ve been craving easy recipes for a cozy meal in. I’ve developed what I think is the ultimate guide for go-to dinners or even a special occasion! With the holidays around the corner, any of these would make a great gift for a family member!

Eden Eats

Eden’s Eating Out Loud focuses on bold Middle-Eastern flavor with simple ingredients. This Israeli inspired book teaches you how to follow recipes that not only fill you up but keep you feeling good! It’s no secret that the Mediterranean diet is one of the best in the world. I know I feel my best when I eat this cuisine and while a lot of these recipes are vegetarian dishes, you can always add in more protein to your liking!

Daphne Oz

Masterchef Junior co-host and bestselling author is at it with delicious recipes in her very on cookbook! Daphne is completely focused on balance, so her recipes all have no gluten, no refined sugar, limit dairy and encourage free weekends without anything holding you back. So the home-cooked meals will all keep you on track throughout the week while you can enjoy anything you’d like on the weekends. It’s one of my favorite cookbooks!


Bonberi founder Nicole Berrie has gathered all of her plant-based recipes to compile in a book for your own kitchen! While these are not vegan recipes, they are plan focused. These meals are designed to nourish your body and fuel you for the day. They feature a nut-free pesto, Chocolate Avocado pudding for dessert and a green smoothie to start your day with. There’s more to discover in the nutritious meals in this cookbook!

Sunday Suppers

Karen Mordechai nails these family recipes in one of the best cookbooks of the year! These seasonal recipes are some the whole family will enjoy and they are some of my go-to recipes for busy weeknights. Having new recipes I can recycle into our meal schedule is incredibly helpful. She makes me feel like a top chef and they are easy to make! Foolproof recipes for the win.

Stanley Tucci

You know I had to include this one! I’m a major Tucci fan and this is a great book to use as a kitchen necessity or even a coffee table book for a holiday gift. This is fully an Italian-inspired cookbook so while it is heavier meals, they are incredibly hearty. Busy cooks, you’ll love to try these creative recipes out. Save this for your next dinner party!

Ina Garten

Ina Garten is an iconic chef and this cook book is here for your next tasty recipe! While it’s designed for two people, you can always double or triple recipe instructions for a family to serve more people. She includes useful information that will give you excellent results! With over 650 recipes, you can make endless dishes.

The Kinfolk Table

Kinfolk Magazine launched a cookbook that is top 10 in my home. It features 45 different entertaining tastemakers and the recipes they love to make themselves. You can find everything from a savory breakfast to the perfect picnic sandwich.

Eat Drink Nap

If you’re looking for a useful way to store your cookbooks, use them as a coffee table book! How aesthetic is this one?! It celebrates the success of Soho House and is full of not only recipes to try out but design tips for your home, as well! It’s the ultimate holiday gift.


Furthermore, this beautiful book is the ultimate hostess guide! While the others focus on recipes, this is all tablescapes, hosting tips and homemaker setting details to help you have the best dinner party. I wanted to include this in case anyone was looking for something like this, especially with the holidays around the corner.


I love this cookbook because it uses stunning photography to tell the story of recipes. Sébastien Bras shows us his Michelin Star worthy recipe inspirations as well as perfectly grown vegetables. It’s the tale of culinary tradition being passed down to a new generation.

Eat With Us

A cookbook centered around mindfulness in the kitchen is so calming at the end of a long day. It’s all about disconnecting from the world and technology and coming together with loved ones to connect from the day. There’s a mix between comfort food, special occasion meals and everyday staples.

French Laundry

I just love the name of this cookbook! It’s actually based off a restaurant in Napa Valley but there’s something so relaxing about it. This is a great one if you’re looking to learn specific cooking methods. For instance, they teach about sautéeing, egg poaching and making homemade stock.

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