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Our Top 10 Spring Reads You’ll Enjoy

You can have a must-have reading list as an adult! Specifically, I like to put together a list of books I love spending time after a long day reading. There’s just something so relaxing about reading in the warmer months with the birds chirping in the background. Albeit, starting or ending the day with a good book is the best way to end the day. If you’re in a book club and have been searching for some more books to bring to the group, I hope you find at least one of these that you truly enjoy!

So, calling all book lovers- this list is full of books for you to enjoy!

Making Time

If I’m planning a quick trip, I want to find a book that maybe isn’t suspenseful so I will be alright setting it down for a moment after. When I choose a new book to read, I try to save the longer one’s and my favorite authors for when I have more time to myself and romantic comedy type of books for shorter reading moments. As a suggestion, come up with a list and try to plan out reading time!


Secondly, when I say type of books, I mean the genre or a specific author I like to stick with. For example, there are a ton of Colleen Hoover fans who will read anything she puts out– I’d have to say, I am one of them! I truly think they are some of the best women’s books! It also can depend on what mood I’m in. For example, try a comedy,  a memoir or maybe a suspenseful read for the day. Moreover, has anyone ever finished a whole book  in one sitting before? I’d love to have the time to sit down and read a good book from start to finish, but it really is a difficult task.


Start A Book Club

Finally, are you in a book club? I ask because if you are there are a few things you have to consider. Comparatively, are you up to date on the assigned readings for the week or month? While book clubs can be a really fun way to enjoy a hobby of reading and chatting about the stories with friends, the clubs can also sometimes feel a bit much, if a book is assigned that is not enjoyable. Equally, what authors and genres has the club been reading? Henceforth, do you want to stick with those for pleasure reading or branch out? There’s so much to consider, and why not try it all?!

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Firstly, this title was hilarious to me! But it’s for the working mother and the balance between motherhood and professional career struggles.
If you have teens that are going through all of the dating drama, this is a great read to help them! It’s all about building confidence and narrowing down what you’re looking for.
I love Megan Trainor, I think she’s such a fabulous singer! She is having her second baby and wrote a book all about becoming a mother.
Having a guide to creating floral arrangements is so helpfu, especially for parties! Once you read this, you’ll be a pro! It also makes a great coffee table book.
I have the most difficult time finding good recipes sometimes. This cookbook is saving my life lately and you will love it!
When everyone in this town has a secret and a mysterious new neighbor moves in, will Nash forgive her for her reason for moving?
How far would you go for your loved ones? This book is all about what it truly means to be a mother.
Is anyone else a fan of Romantic comedies? It’s about a woman who writes for a comedy show that airs on Saturdays and her search for love.
A midwestern woman leaves to move to the iconic New York City, which is full of opportunities! When she lands a job working for Cosmopolitan, will she be living the dream?
Finally, this is another Reese’s book club find and I think they have some of the best! It’s a murder mystery, so if you’re a fan of that genre, this is the book of the season!

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