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Our Spring Crowns

Cute hair accessories are what it’s all about, in my opinion, when spring rolls around. There’s something so whimsical and fun about a hairband or scrunchie that can really take your look to another level, especially when it’s paired with a great outfit. That’s why I love Alice + Hops.

Alice + Hops is a fashion accessory company that understands that hair accessories are a big deal. In fact, that’s all they do! Everyone always thinks of bags, belts, shoes, and the like when they think of fashion accessories, but Alice + Hops knows that hair accessories are just as important as any of those other things. That’s why they specialize in them. And now, with social distancing and face coverings so important, they even offer masks.

My girls and I are gearing up to make our spring debuts, and we’re ready to rock our bows and headbands! My daughters and I each chose cute hair accessories from Alice + Hop’s children and women’s bows to help make our spring looks extra fashionable and extra cute. We are in LOVE with how they look, and we can’t wait to show them off. We ordered the Bella bow and Alice and Kate headbands, and they are absolutely fantastic.

The Bella Bow combines elegance and whimsy perfectly. At a large 5-inches by 9-inches, this bow offers maximum cuteness. The blush liberty print bow, ivory French satin ribbon, and mauve Mokuba grosgrain work so well together, creating a beautiful bow that offers a bold splash of fun to any outfit.

The Joy headband is a beautiful braided piece with a blush neutral liberty print. It’s the perfect sized for a tween or adult, and the color and texture make for a wonderfully whimsical addition to looks ranging from dresses to tees and jeans.

The Kate headband takes what the Joy has going for it and cranks it up to eleven. This super chunky, braided headband features the same blush neutral libery print as the Joy headband but in a bigger, bolder package.

While my girls and I will be rocking these super cute hair accessories, I highly encourage you to swing by the mask section of Alice + Hops and take a lot at all of their stylish masks, as well. They have masks for children, men, and women, and they come in a variety of colors and prints.

If you love cute hair accessories as much as me and my daughters do, give Alice + Hops a look.

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15 thoughts on “Our Spring Crowns”

  1. Beautiful. What a lovely project to do with girls. You did an amazing job. NOw I wish I have a daughter!

  2. Those are very cute hair accessories! I wish my daughter would keep products like these in her hair. She is not very patient LOL. I think they would look cute on her — maybe I will try something from here to see if she would wear one! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love these hair accessories. A great style idea for spring! I’ll definitely be incorporating some of these into my wardrobe over the nest few months!

  4. wow i love the headbands such a beautiful !! It is always fun to do things with daughters! Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. These hair accessories look a bit old-fashioned and therefore so elegant! I like the light soft pastel pink color they have. I am glad you are so creative and stylish.

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