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Our Favorite Breakfast for our Camp Mornings

This is a Quaker sponsored post and all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting SITC.

Kid-friendly breakfast options are something that has always been on my mind since my kids were old enough to eat solids. Kids can be picky, so finding things that they’ll eat and that I can also feel good about can sometimes be a challenge. Over the years, I’ve learned to look for options that help both nourish the kids and avoid morning breakfast time stress.

I’ve been feeding my kids Quaker Instant Oatmeal for years now because it fits the bill for me. It’s tasty, fast and nutritious. Lately, I’ve been taking breakfast time to the next level with two new flavors of Quaker Instant Oatmeal that everyone in the family is loving – especially my kids. Dinosaur Eggs is a tasty flavor that’s been around for a while now, and the kids love that one. The two new flavors they’re really obsessed with right now are S’mores and Strawberry Banana.

The S’mores flavor is so good and comes with graham cookie pieces that the kids can’t get enough of, and the Strawberry Banana flavor is just as tasty as it sounds. The kids eat oatmeal every morning, and sometimes, I’ll even dip into their stash.

While the kids love how tasty Quaker Instant Oatmeal is, I love how it’s a breakfast time option I can feel good about giving them.. Every serving has 24-34 grams of whole grain oats, and it’s also a good source of vitamin D, calcium, and iron. I also love how fast it is to get this breakfast option on the table. Cook time takes 60 seconds. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

There’s nothing like a quick bowl of S’Mores, Strawberry Banana, or a big favorite around here, Dinosaur Eggs, to help get the morning started off on a delicious note. It’s especially great to know that the food I’m whipping up – and at 60 seconds, I’m literally whipping – is as deliciousas it is convenient.

The next time you’re at your grocery store, grab some of the new Quaker Instant Oatmeal flavors for yourself. They’re a nutritious breakfast option for the kids that they’ll love and you’ll feel good about. Buy enough, because fair warning, you’ll also be eating it.

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33 thoughts on “Our Favorite Breakfast for our Camp Mornings”

  1. Fortunately, there is no small kids in the family. We usually do the grocery on weekend and each one gets to grab what they want to nibble on, aside from the family meal.

  2. I love Quaker too! This is my first time learning about these flavors and I would love to try all of this! I am definitely checking this out in the nearby supermarkets.

  3. It has been years since I have eaten Instant Oatmeal. The flavor assortment that is available is quite large. I suppose there is a flavor for everyone.

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