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Our Favorite Bathing Suits for Chasing The Kids This Summer

Well it’s summer but its not an ordinary summer. Many of us are rewriting our summer plans to allow for a safer few months. A lot of travel is still limited not allowing for a whole lot of international vacations. I know our family won’t be engaging in one of our “once normal” summers but I still plan on making it as fun as possible and I do plan on still fully enjoy the summer wardrobe perks. I love summer fashion! The dresses, the sunnies, the sandals, and yes even the bathing suits! There are so many brands empowering women to feel great in their suits and I wanted to highlight some of my personal favorites! Plus these are all “mom approved” and will allow for chasing your kids around the pool and beach this summer in style!

My current favorite! I’m wearing it in the photo above! Its so comfortable while feminine and flirty.
I love how vintage and flattering this suit looks. The belt feature makes it look high end and lilac looks good on any woman!
Onia is known to make beautiful suits and they make them well. Onia is definitely a swim suit go to.
Love a white suit in the summer. Such a classic design that compliments a summer glow. Swimsuits for all is a wonderful all size inclusive site. Truly something for every woman and shape.
This shape forming suit is amazing! I own it and it makes me feel so confident and beautiful! Highly recommend.
Love this gingham print. Its a classic look but also totally fun and flattering. Definitely a wish list must!
This suit is so me! From the floral feminine touch, the flattering shape, to the ruffles, its all so cute.
The belted look is on trend this summer! This suit gives a bit more pop and it super fun for a pool party or beach day!
I’m loving lilac this season. I have found that its truly beautiful on everyone. This solid strapless look has ballerina dancer vibes and looks very unique.
Bring out your inner Carole Baskin and suit up in pink leopard! The high waisted bottom allows for an incredibly feminine and flattering bikini.
Love this fuchsia look! The perfect summer pink with a totally cute shape and print. Another gorgeous look for all body types!
I love the two textures to this suit. Though the print is the same, the textures allow for uniqueness.
Tie dye is so in, I couldn’t exclude a tie dye suit in the list. This suit is totally feminine and definitely on trend!
Im hearing wonderful things about Summer Salt and their shape forming suits. I’m excited to be featuring the polk dot option that is both fun and retro.

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17 thoughts on “Our Favorite Bathing Suits for Chasing The Kids This Summer”

  1. Love this selection, particularly as many of them really would be very flattering on most body shapes. My favs are more the classical style and interesting to see two of these incorporate a belt. COVID 19 hasn’t quite spoilt all summer fun and looking forward to spending some time in the water again.

  2. What I love about the collection you put together here is that they can all be tops or full additions to actual, wearable outfits. Two in one!

  3. Melanie williams

    There are some really nice fashion pieces here for sure. Especially now the weather is kicking in, but due to lockdown we still can’t swim arrg x

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