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Girls Night Out At NY Auto Show

Since having children, I have become quite interested in the car market. I am forever wanting to know what type of cars/trucks/minivans are suitable for families of over 4 members. We currently have an SUV but are in the market for a new one at the moment. With our family of five plus two dogs, we are looking for something that is big enough for three carseats and preferably a hybrid. The New York International Auto Show is happening April 18th – 27th and I will be attending the pre-show Girls Night Out Party with She Buys Cars, and I could not be more excited to check out what is new on the scene.

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The 114th New York Auto show is North America’s first and largest attended auto show and might I add not just for men. It’s a shopping mall of cars filled with things including more environmentally friendly cars, cutting edge technology, and cars that enhance personal style and reflect style trends.

ny car show

Join us on April 14th at 9pm for a twitter party with She Buys Cars. Follow along with the hashtag #NYIAS prizes as we will be giving out tickets to the show!

For more information about the New York Auto show visit www.autoshowny.com

This post was sponsored via SheBuysCars, and sponsors Toyota and Dr. Oz Magazine..

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3 thoughts on “Girls Night Out At NY Auto Show”

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  2. We have SUV & Van, just as you 2 gigs but 4 kids. Life is always an adventure. Even with large vehicles we always run out of room

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