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November Books For Kid’s

Happy November! I’ve gathered some of our favorite children books for this fall month! I always want to feature stories that inspire our children to think outside the box, to use their kindness, and to embrace their individual strengths! I also have great fun picking holiday books too!  I hope this months collection brings warmth to all your families as the weather begins to cool! Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the ulitmate collection of recipes for all the little chef’s in our lives. With over 60 recipes that are totally kid friendly, this makes for an amazing activity/gift!
It’s all in the title. A perfect November addition to any little library. Follow along this sweet story that describes the changing season.
It’s another Thanksgiving at grandma’s house! Follow along as Gavin and his cousin Rhonda make their way through obstacles to get to the swing set in the backyard!
A sweet musical collection of nursery rhymes. A great gift for your mini singers and musicians!
This new release highlights the treasure of our uniquenesses. As a group of children create their own one of a kind hot air ballon’s, they identity their individual strengths.
What will the couch potato do when the power goes out and it’s forced to get off the comforts of the couch and venture outside!
This poetic book perfectly describes what all our families have experienced in 2020. From Covid-19, quarantine, and more, this will have a societal impact for years to come.
My Little Golden Book’s are a true classic! With the loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, this is a great option to help inspire all our littles through her life story.
This is a Thanksgiving must have! From the creators of The Kids Laugh Challenge, this Thanksgiving activity book will have the whole family laughing!
A gentle story reassuring the trust in God and all his dreams for our children. Encourages children to trust their instincts and discover their strengths.
If Santa is shopping early this is a great Pre-Christmas gift! I know my kids always have so much excitement counting the days until xmas!
Purple people are the people who ask the big questions, who bring their families together, who unite their communities, and who share kindness. Through fun silly actitivities this book will help you become a purple person.
This story highlights the power of coming together to build something great. Team work, patience, understanding, are great learning lessons for are fast growing children.
We all know and love NYC’s Thanksgiving parade! Learn the history behind one of our greatest puppeteers who contributed to the creation of the ballon’s we all love.

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