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I’ve been busting at the seams to share details of the Ellen Tracy’s spring campaign called My Other Love, which Gemma and I were a part of. Understanding all that us mamas juggle on a daily basis, the campaign reminds us to still find time to indulge in your other loves. For as long as I can remember, Ellen Tracy has always been an iconic, timeless brand so needless to say, it was an honor to take place in the campaign.
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Naturally, my first love is my family. They are my number one priority no matter the circumstances, and my absolute happiest moments are when all five of us are hanging together, with simply noting to do and no place to go. My world, even my career, resolves around them. So, when I was asked about my second love, it took me a minute, but I think it would have to be New York City.

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I grew up in one of the boroughs of New York City, and with both parents working in Manhattan, we spent plenty of time here, so my adoration began at a very young age. At one point, I even asked my parents to sell our house so we can live in an apartment, in the sky. This wish eventually became a reality in my junior year of college, when I moved in with a friend to be closer school and work at the same time. Now, still living in the city and raising my three children here, I couldn’t be happier, but there are those times when I try to enjoy all it has to offer from an outside perspective. Sometimes I will stroll around Soho just admiring the buildings, burn an afternoon at the Guggenhiem Museum, or sneak a cocktail at one of our many iconic restaraunts. I don’t get time alone too often but when I do, these are some of the many reasons why I love living in NYC.

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For the Ellen Tracy campaign, Gemma and I were invited to a photo shoot, which took place in one of my favorite buildings, The Starrett-Lehigh, on the West Side Highway and 26th Street. The lighting and views offered in each one of the many offices are perfection. In fact, our kitchen shots took place inside Emeril’s actual Test Kitchen. My baby and I had a ton of fun, and I know these photos will be forever cherished.

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#MyOtherLove campaign truly incorporates my motherhood, my career, my love of fashion and all that I am about. Would love to hear what your other love is?

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