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My Top Cozy Knits for the Cooler Weather

Now that we are deep into the fall and entering the winter season, cozy knits are at the forefront of my closet. A cozy sweater is something I look forward to putting on when I step out of my warm bed into a chilly day. Over the last week, I’ve been searching for sweater weather staples. And one’s that are a great option not just for one season, but at least 3 of them. It’s that time of year where outfit details are centered around a simple sweater to wear casually or dress up. I’ve become obsessed with Sézane and have sorted through their site to find staple knit sweaters to step up my wardrobe.

sezane sweaters


Firstly, the fit all depends on what I want to wear as bottoms. For instance, to wear a high-waisted skirt or high-waisted jeans, grab a cozy sweater that is cropped or fitted. This pairs well with the bottoms. I find that it accentuates my figure and meets the top of my pants perfectly. Soft knits that are more oversized work well for running errands in leggings or with a belt to wear as a dress. Some of the best knits can be worn tucked into a top or bra to wear cropped or keep oversized. It’s all a personal style thing and up to you. Dress not just for how you feel like you want to to show off your body type, but in what you are comfortable in.

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Secondly, when I say style I am referring to classic knit fabrics in a silhouette to go beyond the perfect trend. There are so many options when it comes to a lightweight sweater. For example, pullovers, crewnecks, cardigans, sweater vest, a super chunky knit sweater, cable knits, etc. We all know how much I love the color pink, and I made sure to pull a few choices to keep true to my color palette. A neutral tone had more focus here for everyday wear.

fall sweater

What I love the most is that these sweaters can be worn to work, run errands or lounge around in this cozy season. Moreover, a chunky sweater is always a great style to have because it’s easy to throw on. These always pair well with jeans. Go with what you are comfortable with and what you know you will get the most wear out of for the colder weather.



Finally, I love finding pieces that I can get away with wearing at least three seasons each year. While a merino wool sweater is a great winter investment, it’s not ideal for fall and spring. The colder months need heavier fabrics like a cashmere sweater and wool sweaters. What you go for will depend on the climate you live in or where you travel throughout the year. Furthermore, a good quality sweater that will last years is exactly what I’m looking for. One that’s machine washable, is even more ideal. A pop of color and neutral tones can both work as a perfect sweater for winter or lightweight fabrics for spring.


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Firstly, I have been reaching for this knit already so much! Not only is it so soft but it goes with everything.
Secondly, a great option that is a pullover rather than cardigan style is this piece. I could sleep in it, this sweater is that cozy!
Thirdly, everyone needs a neutral knit to have as a staple piece in their wardrobe. The price is great for such amazing quality and it’s incredibly versatile.
If there’s one thing I need, it’s a berry colored knit. It’s warm for the season but brightens up my look.
A chunky knit is at the top of my list. I can already picture this with jeans and am so excited to wear it!
Moreover, another great pullover option is this angelic white knit. It’s so cozy and I love the detail by the armpits.
Another great pink option! I love how fluffy this piece is and the detail on the cuffs is so feminine.
Furthermore, I had to find a pice with a vintage floral detail. There’s a touch of color but it remains fairly neutral for daily looks.
Speaking of pop of color, this is a fun sweater! It’s cozy and brightens up your look with a fun purple for winter.
Finally, I thought this sweater was so dainty and pretty. It keeps you warm in cooler weather but looks like a bit of summer or spring with the pretty coloring.

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