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My 5 Step Skin Care Routine

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My biggest challenge over the years and as the kids grow older is taking care of myself. I thought the sleepless nights and newborn phase would be the hardest, but it was those naps that actually gave me the hours to workout, and get things done. Now that my children are older and no longer napping, it’s become a challenge for me to fit in those extra minutes just for “me”. This year, I turned 37 and made a promise to myself to focus on self care. I recently discovered Saranghae’s new Five Step Skin Care Routine, that even this busy mama of three can fit in!

Saranghae’s complete 5 Step Anti-Aging routine completely overhauls your skin in 3 crucial steps by Healing, Regenerating and Protecting. The products are infused with organic Sang Hwang mushroom, Ginseng, Black Truffle and 20 other powerful botanicals, Saranghae’s Complete 5 Step Anti-Aging routine is the very best in Korean beauty.

The Complete 5 Step Anti-Aging Bundle Includes:

Saranghae nourishing and moisturizing oil + foam cleanser

Saranghae deep radiance essence + serum

Saranghae firm and lift regeneration cream

Saranghae focus renewal eye cream

Saranghae elemental essence mask (6 masks)

I’ve seen a difference in my skin, in just three short weeks of using the product. Take a look at my video to see just how easy these 5 Step Skin Care routine can be, even on a busy morning as we try to head to the beach!

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My 5 Step Skin Care Routine | Stroller In The City

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21 thoughts on “My 5 Step Skin Care Routine”

  1. I learned many years ago how important it is to take care of not only the skin on my face but my skin all over. Sunscreen has been a life saver here in Florida where I am exposed to the sun every day. Great list.

  2. Never to late to start taking care of our skin. You routine sounds like the perfect solution for your skin

  3. I definitely need to focus on what to do with my skin on my face. There are weeks that it is super dry and then there are weeks that I have breakouts. Maybe this skin routine would help. I will definitely try it.

  4. Catherine Shane Cabuhat

    I found this very useful I need to focus on how really important to take care of my skin. This is my chance to try new product

  5. I have to admit I am still struggling to get my skin care routine into a good pattern, it sounds like you have got yours down though – thank you for sharing it.

  6. I love taking care of my skin. And I like to listen to the experience of other persons. I need to try your tips!

  7. Saranghae products are infused with so many healthy ingredients. Your skin will feel renewed with radiance each day with this routine.

  8. What about sun screen. I don’t see that in your set. I didn’t see the model apply any sun screen before going out. Please include sun screen.

  9. Kimberly Warren

    Very interested in learning how long the products cost, last and if you can cancel the membership.

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