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Must See Broadway Shows

Broadway is one of those things that I love to keep going back to! I’ve been loving attending matinees. It’s just such a fun way to break up your day and support the arts! There are a great amount of show options, I’ve got some choices perfect for families, and some that you can bring friends to. Tony Award winning shows are one of the most exciting things to see in New York City.

Things like hit songs, special effects, a talented cast or remake of a beloved film are a few characteristics we look for in both a new musical and return to Broadway history. Broadway tickets to some of the best shows these days aren’t so bad. A lot of the great ones are on national tour, but we still have plenty of amazing options left on the Broadway stage.

So if you live here and are looking for entertainment or are visiting and want to see some shows, keep reading!

MJ the Musical

Calling all Michael Jackson fans and even if you aren’t you will enjoy this one! It’s all about his life and rise to fame. The dancing is superb and the music is obviously amazing! Running about 2 and a half hours, this is the perfect show to see.

Funny Girl

We’re all talking about how Lea Michelle is back on Broadway. And we all need to see her! The show is almost three hours long and is the first revival of the tale on Broadway. If you are a classic Broadway fan, you will adore this! Beware, the tickets can get pricey to see it, but it’s worth it!

& Juliet

This is the tale of the iconic Shakespeare woman, but what would happen if she didn’t end her life for Romeo? They use popular pop songs to tell her new story and it is so fun and full of life! Tickets begin at just $54 and this is a great upbeat show to see.


When I tell you I was hysterically laughing the whole time, I am not even exaggerating! We don’t need to have all of our walls up, sometimes we can tear some down. And that’s the biggest moral of this musical, which is a great lesson to live by. Tickets start around $60, so an affordable option! This hilarious musical is definitely one of the best Broadway shows of all time and is full of a vibrant ensemble of actors.

Bad Cinderella 

Believe it or not, this is an Andrew Lloyd Webber creation. Siella and I saw this a few weeks ago and she cannot stop talking about how much she loved it! Tickets start at around $50, so it’s pretty affordable and has some pretty funny moments. We all love a good Cinderella tale.

Lion King

Here’s another great show to bring your kids to! It’s such a classic, feel good musical. The costumes amaze me every time I see them and the talent is unmatched! The costumes are out of this world! Gather your family and friends and watch the circle of life come to life on stage!


We all know and love this show and it is always such a feel good musical! This is a great one to bring your kids to, since it’s Disney and it’s a classic story! My kids have always loved this show and we find ourselves continuing to go back to it. Broadway plays are a great way to spend a rainy day with kids this spring, if you are looking for some good times and not getting stuck indoors.

New York New York 

What better show to see in New York?! This is a brand new musical that is based on the movie version, so if you’re familiar, you already know you will love it. It’s about a sax player and young lounge singer who meet and fall in love. I love those kinds of tales! What a New York story, too! Tickets are starting at $70, which is a great price for Broadway!

Six: The Musical

If you haven’t heard of Six, let me just tell you this is the “it” show of the year! Everyone is talking about how amazing it is and it’s all around. The costumes, music and vibes are all there and it’s one I highly recommend bringing friends to.

Moulin Rouge 

Okay, tell me we all have heard of this one?! I think the best word to explain this musical is the spectacular! It’s based on the movie and takes place in Paris. It’s a love story like no other, that will have you completely wrapped up in it! This is one that is great for a date night or night out with friends. Enter the romantic, glitzy world of Moulin Rouge!

Sweeney Todd

Josh Groban and Annaleigh Ashford star in the Demon Barber of Fleet Street musical. So if that’s not enough of a reason to run and get tickets, I don’t know what is! The music is amazing, the story is captivating and the performance is like no other! Tickets start at $66.

Some Like It Hot

Set in prohibition era in Chicago, this is a “thirsty” tale about musicians who have to flee after seeing a mob hit. With them on the run, this hit musical is full of energy and phenomenal music! Tickets begin at just $54.

Bob Fosse 

Bob Fosse is one of the most iconic choreographers of all time! If you’re more into seeing dance on stage and choreography, this is the show for you! It’s officially back on Broadway and tickets begin at $122, so a bit pricier, but I promise it is worth it.

A Beautiful Noise 

If you’re not familiar with this musical, it’s the Neil Diamond show! It follows hit life and shares his hit songs with the world. Beginning as a poor child in Brooklyn to becoming a 5 decade long star, this is the most inspirational show I’ve seen in awhile! Tickets are around $100 to begin with, which isn’t terrible so it’s great for a night out!

Life of Pi 

If you’ve read the book, you know just how much of a phenomenon this show is! When a cargo ship sinks in the middle of the ocean and a 16 year old boy and a few other survivors (which are animals) are trapped on a lifeboat, how will they survive? It’s all about endurance and hope.


This is one of the more popular shows on stage at the moment. And obviously for great reason! It’s kind of like a Greek musical. It combines the stories of Orpheus Eurydice and Hades and Persephone. Love, the doubting of faith and nature are all at war here and we will see who wins in this musical.



Another popular show on stage at the moment, it follows a struggling Jewish couple and their story for justice and following faith. When they are accused of a horrible crime, it’s time to show each other how much you love one another and seek justice for what has been wronged.

Peter Pan Goes Wrong 

We all know it’s an unspoken thing where Peter Pan shows across the country have gone wrong. So why not make a whole show out of it?! It’s beyond hilarious and slap stick comedy for a night you won’t forget. The drama society must face a night of everything going wrong in their production and you are there to witness it!


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18 thoughts on “Must See Broadway Shows”

  1. So many amazing shows that we don’t have in the UK. I’d love to do a trip to NY just to see loads of shows. & Juliet and Six are two favourites, but Moulin Rouge has just opened so I can’t wait to see that one day x

  2. I love broadway shows and I will definitely ahve seen some of these especially Aladdin and Lion King. They are my favorites.

  3. I love how this article highlights a variety of Broadway shows that are perfect for families! The descriptions and personal recommendations make it easy to choose which show to see next.

  4. I love Broadway shows and have seen Harry Potter and Phantom of the Opera the others are on my list to watch. I love all your recommendations. Some I was not aware of but will check them out.

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