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Festival Packing List

It’s festival season! We all know it’s always super hot and most of them take place in a desert area, so packing is not an easy job. The best way to pack for the festival grounds is to begin with outfits. Get your hands on a festival ticket and get on Pinterest because it’s prime time for festival experience inspiration! I’ve been loving all of the lace, florals and of course, cowboy boots. They even sell fringe fanny pack options, which are the most ideal bag options since they are the right size. We’ll begin with some fashion pieces, because let’s be honest, that is the main reason we are all here! We want to see the fashion! After all, it’s one of the most important things. Keep reading to see my full music festival packing list for things you’ll need for outdoor festivals in your day pack.

Fashion Inspo

Firstly, music festival season clothes are so much fun! They are pieces that can totally be styled separately for everyday looks, but together it’s like dressing up for a cooler version of Halloween. The most important item is your shoes. You’ll be in them all day and night, so don’t go to a cheap place to get them. You want to spend that extra cost for comfort, blisters will ruin the day! Pro tip: if you are wearing white sneakers, bring baby wipes to just wipe them off at the end of the day. They’ll be good as new! It’s the best thing for any dirt.

Secondly, the best accessories are portable items like sunglasses and jewelry. Don’t bring anything super expensive because it could very well get ruined. But fun sunnies and earrings are the way to go! Pack items you know you will wear because the weekends go by so quickly, there is just no room to overpack, which is why we are going over this list! A little bit of preparation goes a very long way. It’s a great thing to make lists such as a festival essentials checklist and stick with it. The only thing I’d say is optional is a rain jacket. It all depends on what you wear and if you’re okay standing in wet clothes if it rains. Here’s some fashion inspiration for all of your festival needs!

Pearl top, corset, body glitter, belly chain, shorts, blouse, earrings, fanny pack, pink cowgirl boots, white cowgirl boots, sunglasses 1, sunglasses 2, purple cowgirl boots, sneakers, yellow dress, white dress, crochet dress

What to Bring to the Festival

Finally, I feel like while this is an extra category, it’s completely necessary. Those days at music festivals listening to your favorite band are hot days and extra water bottles are just the beginning of it. For the body bug spray, lip balm, dry shampoo for a sweaty scalp, sunscreen for sun protection and ear plugs if you’re up close to the stage are a great place to start. I know you might not need all of it, but these are small products and they’re emergency items.

Furthermore, things that are fun but not totally necessary are a portable power bank, disposable camera, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, a plastic bag so items don’t get wet and a reusable water bottle to refill throughout the day are a great way to have fun and bring useful items. If you have a hydration pack, that’s even better!

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29 thoughts on “Festival Packing List”

  1. Your fashion inspirations are on point, and I love the emphasis on comfort and practicality. It’s great to see suggestions for portable accessories like sunglasses and jewelry, as well as essential items like bug spray, sunscreen, and lip balm.

  2. Lisa at www.followingtherivera.com

    This packing list is so helpful for anyone going to festivals. Your outfits are really pretty and practical too.

  3. Surely, our whole festival experience will be vastly improved when we have complete lists of these. When I pack for a festival, I always have floral dresses!

    1. Victoria Prasad

      Your outfits are so cute! I love all of your practical suggestions on your checklist. And I absolutely love the quote by Tagore…simple but emphatic.

  4. This festival packing list is a lifesaver! The detailed breakdown and product recommendations make it easy to prep for any event. Love the tips on staying organized and comfortable.

  5. Thanks for sharing your festival packing tips and insights! Packing for festivals can be challenging, especially with the hot weather and desert environment. Your suggestion to start with outfits and get inspiration from Pinterest is a great idea.

  6. Thanks for sharing your festival packing tips and insights. Packing for festivals can be challenging, especially with the hot weather and desert environment. Your suggestion to start with outfits and get inspiration from Pinterest is a great idea.

  7. Having never been to this type of festival these tips are handy. I’d have sunscreen on the top of my list.

  8. I’ve been to so many festivals over the years so I’ve done plenty of years of overpacking, and some years of not taking enough. I always say having loads of dry socks is important as if it rains and everything you wear gets wet it can be so hard to dry everything off x

  9. I have never been to a festival before, but your outfits look so cool and fun! It really makes me want to look into what festivals are around me. Thanks for the inspo for the summertime!

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