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Motorcycle Trend For Fall

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When it comes to fashion, fall is by far my favorite time of year. The crisp cool air, the vivid colors of the leaves, and the anticipation of change. Coming off bright, light summer garb, fall pieces reset your wardrobe, and some items may segue into your winter ensembles as well. This season, I’m all about the motorcycle boots and jackets!

Motorcycle Trend For Fall | Stroller In The City

I wish I had an unlimited amount of time to peruse the stores in search for the perfect pieces, but my lazy Saturdays of yesteryear are long gone, replaced with shuffling kids to soccer practices and birthday parties. Nowadays, I need quick and easy so for years, I’ve turned to Zappos for all my fashion needs- especially shoes. And, with fast, free, shipping, how can I resist.

Motorcycle Trend For Fall | Stroller In The City

I just love Zappos’ selection of brands and styles for me, and my entire family. At this point, the kids are all set with their back to school needs, so it was time to shop for Jason and I.

Motorcycle Trend For Fall | Stroller In The City

I searched the site for motorcycle boots, and found these awesome Syd boots by Born Shoes. Born Shoes have been around for over 20 years, founded on the belief that fashion and comfort can work hand in hand. Since they are hand crafted, and nature-inspired productsI was eager to give them a try. My package arrived in just two days, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how comfortable they were and the exact look I was searching for. When you walk just as much as I do on a daily basis here in New York City, I think I am a good judge on comfort!

Motorcycle Trend For Fall | Stroller In The CityMotorcycle Trend For Fall | Stroller In The City Motorcycle Trend For Fall | Stroller In The City

And because I couldn’t stop raving about the boots, Jason asked if Born Shoes had anything for men. We looked online together, narrowing it down to two different styles, but he finally settled on these tobacco colored Ludo style. These are the perfect boots for him to where everyday, especially to work where he’s on his feet the majority of the time.

Motorcycle Trend For Fall | Stroller In The City

I’m so into my boots that I bought two more styles on Zappos, because these will definitely be carried over into the winter months. With Zappos promise of fast free shipping, a 365-day return policy, and world class customer service, I can easily leave the brick and mortar store behind, and turn to Zappos for all kicks my tootsies desire!

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Motorcycle Trend For Fall | Stroller In The City


Photography by Lauren Kara


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8 thoughts on “Motorcycle Trend For Fall”

  1. These are some great looking outfits! I can see why they would go well for bikers, but they look like they would be wonderful for everyone as well, comfortable but look so nice.

  2. I was seriously just looking for some new comfortable boots to wear this fall/winter. I love both the black and brown pairs. I’m running over to Zappos right now to check out the prices. Thanks for the recommendation!

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