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Moms Have No Time to Get Hurt, Either

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CityMD. All opinions are 100% mine.

When my kids get hurt playing sports or fall off their scooters, I immediately jump into action and get it taken care of—or (if it doesn’t require a doc) assure them it will be fine and to walk it off. My kids (and my husband, wink-wink) always know I’m there to take care of everyone and like most moms, I am very good in crisis mode. But one scenario I never really think about is, what if I get hurt?

Moms Have No Time to Get Hurt, Either

There are a million ways to injure yourself at home or in this crazy city; cracked curbs, tripping up stairs, chopping veggies, unloading the dishwasher…you may laugh but I’ve sliced my hand on broken dishes. Unfortunately, most moms have no time to get sick and definitely no time to get hurt.

Moms Have No Time to Get Hurt, Either

I recently broke my foot in the most avoidable way, smashing it on something that was under my bed while I was cleaning. We had a packed weekend of Mother’s Day activities and a party to go to that evening so I tried to ignore the pain and walk it off. The pain started to radiate up and around my foot and just got worse and worse. I knew it was something much more serious than a simple bruise but the idea of going to an ER on the weekend made me more miserable than the injury itself!

Moms Have No Time to Get Hurt, Either Moms Have No Time to Get Hurt, Either

I went to CityMD and they were able to X-Ray my foot, bandage it up, give me something for the excruciating pain and send me on my way with an uber stylish orthopedic boot in probably 30-minutes. I wound up fracturing my foot and had to be in a boot for six weeks! And honestly the only thing that saved me from going completely out of my mind was my CityMD Experience. I was practically crying in the office because how exactly was I going to function with a boot on my foot in NYC with three kids. The nurse practically gave me a pep talk about how this is a sign to slow down, and that I’ll make it work.
Moms Have No Time to Get Hurt, Either

Moms Have No Time to Get Hurt, Either

When I need to get a medical issue handled quick, be it strep throat or a broken foot! CityMD Urgent Care is fast and efficient—and they take most health insurances. If you haven’t heard about it, CityMD is an urgent care provider founded by a group of Emergency Medicine physicians who wanted to make health care convenient, efficient and high-quality. It has grown from one Manhattan location to over 70 locations in the greater New York area and Seattle. The staff at CityMD is incredibly focused on making the patient experience seamless and thoughtful. I felt like they really valued my time and comfort by jumping into action and getting me help quickly. I felt completely taken care of, which is a nice change for a mom who takes care of everyone else.

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13 thoughts on “Moms Have No Time to Get Hurt, Either”

  1. That is pretty cool that they have a place like that there. I hope that it moves its way out this way. I also hope that your foot heals quickly because you’re right moms don’t have time to be injured.

  2. CityMD Urgent Care looks like a great option for when we get sick. I hope your foot heals quickly. As a Mom you have no time to be sick.

  3. It’s great to hear about this option. Sounds like something I could use as well. They sound like they would be a great choice.

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