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Mom Approved Swimwear

I have to admit, I have the most difficult time finding swimwear sometimes! I want items that feel mom-appropriate but are also super fashionable. Comfort is definitely key over style, but come one, we all want to be a cool mom, am I right?! Since I’ve been traveling again lately, I feel like I can confidently say that I have found some of the very best pieces for you to choose from for the warmer seasons.

Here are a few things I take into consideration when I shop for swimwear:


Lately, swim fashion has been a lot more fun. There’s so many cut-outs, trendy styles and bright colors. Moreover, what is really cool is that designers are taking all of the hip trends the teens are loving and making them into swim pieces that moms can feel comfortable in. I do like to go for the pieces that are more timeless, rather than just on-trend for the moment, but there are trends that stick around for awhile.

Mom Approved

There are so many aspects that go into choosing the right swimwear for everyone’s taste. Some prefer high-waisted, one pieces or just more coverage in general. I like all three options and I switch it up! Truly, I think confidence is everything- if you are feeling comfortable, you are looking your very best and that’s the truth that I encourage you all to live!


Overall, coverups are a very important part of swimwear, they are what gets you to and from the beach or pool. These are also a fashion statement, but something you want to be comfortable in! With this, you can go with just bottoms, a dress, sarong type of piece or even a jumpsuit! This is the part of the outfit that makes the swimwear wearable in real life, not only can you hang out in these pieces, but you can shop or run errands in your swimsuits, as long as you have a great coverup!


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This set is great because not only does it look fabulous, but the top is really supportive! The color looks great for the warmer months, as well!
How stunning is this pattern?! I love the coverage on this one and the ruffles are a great touch! Simultaneously, it is a part of a collection that has matching pieces for the rest of the family!
Truly, I can’t get over how cute this coverup is! The puff sleeves and tie detail really pull it all together and it is long for those who want more coverage, yet slightly sheer for a summery touch.
Finding great high-waisted bottoms are a task sometimes. These are incredibly flattering and the frill details are so fun!
Two piece bikini KYLIE in soft lavender colour. The exremely high elasticity of this luxury fabric allows this model to obtain sizes XS through 2XL. The top has sweet and feminine ruffles and the bottom is low-waisted with ruffles on each side.
Here’s an example of a great cutout that doesn’t feel scandalous! There’s enough coverage all around to make it feel mom-appropriate still!
This is the ultimate spring and summer dress! You can wear it out as a normal dress, or unbotton it all to make a chic coverup!
LoveShackFancy’s biggest fan here! This piece is stunning! I love the coverage, but the pattern and fit is so feminine.
A good dress to throw over a swimsuit that can be worn into the day or night is a staple item! I love this one beacause it’s flattering, light-weight and the tie dye is so fun!
I love a good wrap skirt! This one is kinda asymmetrical and the ruffles makes it so dainty and pretty!
The fabric of the dress is shiny satin which is non-transparent, so that you could wear it on every occasion – not only as a combination with our swimsuits, but also as a perfect outfit for a stylish event.
I love a good pop of color in the summer! Undeniably, this swim set it really comfortable and super flattering!
This linen throw is so versatile and can be tied in so many different ways! Finally, you can wear it as a skirt or tie it around you as a dress, wear it as a shawl, the possibilities are endless!
As you can tell, I love summer linens, but this one is so fun with the pop of pink! Specifically, it’s fashionable and easy for the beach or pool.
I had to include a swimsuit with sleeves, just in case anyone is looking for more arm coverage! This one has some really fun cutouts that are still incredibly flattering.

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13 thoughts on “Mom Approved Swimwear”

  1. Swimwear is so hard to find, one that actually looks good. I like all of these styles but my body may not. 😉 You have the perfect figure for these styles.

  2. I just said to my fiance yesterday I needed to invest in a better bathing suit. Mine is really cute and I love it. It brings me joy, but it doesn’t cover all the places it needs to cover. All of the bathing suits you tried on look amazing on you. I really love the Ruffle Bralette with the High Waisted Bottom.

  3. Shopping for a swimwear is a challenges sometimes. I love these! They all look pretty, comfy, and very appropriate for mums. I just wish they were available where I am.

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