Missing Link Movie Premiere

This past weekend, Gemma and I attended the Missing Link New York City movie premiere held at the Conrad Hotel, right in our neighborhood! We walked the red (well orange) carpet, took photos with the characters, and even sneaked a peak at the cast giving their interviews! It was a star-studded event to say the least, culminating a long-awaited moment by writer-director, Chris Butler, after a years-long process of creating Missing Link.

Upon entering the pre-party, which felt like we walked right onto the movie set, Gem and her bestie were greeted with an unlimited amount of sweets (I def won the cool mom award this afternoon!), and some pretty cool activities. The girls ran to every station getting their face painted, jumping into the ball pit, exploring the art station, meeting the characters, and so much more.

After we had more than our fill of fun, it was time to hit the theaters. The movie is about a bigfoot called Mr. Link (who later names himself Susan). The Missing Link is the last of his kind and lonely. He believes he has cousins (Yeti) in the Himalayan mountains and asks his discoverer, Sir Lionel Frost, and friend, Adelina Fortnight, to take him to meet them. Of course, the journey is filled with misadventure.
I don’t want to give it away, but this trip is action-packed and funny! Once he reaches his destination Mr. Link realizes that the Yeti are not his family and he is not welcomed by them. But he realizes he already is part of a family with Adelina and Sir Lionel.

Missing Link hits theaters TODAY! It is a heartwarming movie that you can enjoy your loved ones and laugh, sing, and dance along to.

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