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Maternity Style with Blanqi

This pregnancy has been extremely rough on me and my body. It could be because I am constantly carrying Siella during Ryder’s commute to school. It consists of folding a stroller in one hand while holding her in the other, on and off the bus, four times a day, and it is just exhausting. I have been experiencing horrible sciatic back pain and major pressure while I walk so my body just feels like its falling apart. And even though I still have 10 more weeks to go, it feels like any day now.


I am definitely not one for “maternity gear”, as I rarely wear maternity clothes but thanks to twitter-verse and instagram because I discovered the Blanqi. The Blanqi is a high fashion, high performance maternity support tank! The Blanqi was made to alleviate pressure with a built-in belly support and smoothes the hips, back, and sides for a secure fit. It also lifts the belly and improves posture with X-shaped back support. As your baby grows, the super stretchy belly panel comfortably expands without restriction. And a great option is that it holds up unbuttoned bottoms so you can wear your pre-pregnancy clothes longer. I have to say, you will feel the difference the minute you put it on. Immediately my posture was improved and feel 100% support under my belly, which tends to get really heavy throughout the day. Plus its pretty sexy looking in my opinion and I am able to wear my fav bra underneath and anything over the top.   I am officially obssessed with the Blanqi and feel I need to own it in every color!!!

 To learn more about the Blanqi visit www.blanqi.com  

SITC was not compensated for this post but did receive a Blanqi sample.  

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