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Matching Styles for Sisters or Besties

Matching styles have been alternately loved and hated by fashion enthusiasts for years, but I’m here to tell you that I’m a big supporter of this kind of style when it comes to siblings and besties, particularly Siella and Gemma. There’s something that’s just so much fun about mirroring your best friend or your sister, that makes fashion an even bigger joy. This is most applicable to kids. After all, being a kid means being able to wear your whimsy on your sleeve. That’s why I love Kidpik matching outfit boxes.

Kidpik matching outfit boxes are packed with stylish clothes. There are seven different box options to choose from, and each of them would make the perfect gift for your daughter and her sister or her best friend. With these matching styles, the girls can show the world just how tight-knit and stylish they are. I think it’s a fantastic idea.


The Ruffle Radiance box features a beautiful grey dress with a simple flower and leaves embroidery pattern in purple, a black handbag, black booties, and a button-down black cardigan.

The Classic Cutie box is all sass with a grey dress featuring a white chevron pattern, silver booties, a black, faux fur jacket, and a simple bracelet in a bold black, white, and silver pattern.

The Divine Darling box is all about cute with a beautiful leopard print dress with frill at the sleeves and waist, black and gray sneakers, a pink bag, and a black denim jacket.

The Shimmer Girl box is a dazzling display of color. A silver skirt and silver sneakers pair with a yellow shirt featuring an art print of a girl in sunnies and a blue faux fur jacket.

The Sweet Treat box is all about the classic combo of pink and black. A beautiful black and white patterned dress pairs perfectly with a pink faux fur jacket, purple booties, and a cute purple, pink, and white bracelet.

The Plaid for You box takes a classic, relaxed look at adds a kick of color. A black and white plaid shirt gets a kick as it transitions to a vibrant deep pink toward the bottom of the bodice and sleeves, while classic black jeans are blinged out with silver accents along the hem. Both are paired with purple booties.

Finally, we come to the Chevron Party box. This box is all about making a bold statement. A dark grey denim skirt with bead accents is paired with a pink tee featuring ruffles at the shoulder and a “WILD” print with a heart on the chest, a grey, white, and pink chevron patterned faux fur jacket, and black sneakers with white stars.

Matching styles is such a great fashion idea for sisters and best friends, and I think it’s genius. Kidpik has options that will suit any girl’s fashion tastes, so take a look. Your daughters will love it. It’s the perfect holiday gift this season, too. Use code STROLLER50 for 50% off your first box when you keep all!!!!

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13 thoughts on “Matching Styles for Sisters or Besties”

  1. As a mom of twins, I bought them matching clothes as kids. They loved the idea until they got a bit older. It’s great for groups and events where people identify with a theme or group.

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