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Holiday Help from Manhattan Mini Storage

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If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you already know that I use this fantastic storage company here in the city called Manhattan Mini Storage. Using their storage units, I’m able to store my seasonal clothing and gear so my home stays less cluttered. That’s important because living in NYC doesn’t exactly mean loads of room. And when it comes to holiday time, I tend to store the kiddies presents in there too. (shhhh don’t tell my kids!)

Manhattan Mini Storage now offers two more bonuses for customers that make their service even better. In addition to the convenient drop off and pick up options, this season, we can get our gifts wrapped and have our packages delivered to their storage locations to help with our holidays.

The company offers Free Package Acceptance, allowing you to have packages delivered to their storage facilities where someone will be on-hand to pick it up no matter the size, shape, or weight of the package. It’s included with your storage pricing – as low as $15 per month – so there’s no extra charge. With package theft seeing a marked increase this year, this service is even more valuable than ever.

In addition to Free Package Acceptance, Manhattan Mini Storage is also offering package wrapping. They’ve partnered with NYC Gift Wrapping Studio to offer the service. NYC Gift Wrapping Studio is a minority-owned, women-led company. I love that because the more diversity we have in our world, the better. Manhattan Mini Storage believes in that as well. They also believe in the power of giving back and being a force for good in the world, which is another reason I love to give them my money to house all my stuff!

If you’re a customer of Manhattan Mini Storage, swing by your facility to take advantage of these services. Times are:

Right now, they’re helping to support The Actors Fund, a charity devoted to helping support actors and other performing arts and entertainment professionals who encounter difficult times. You can help by going to Manhattan Mini Storage’s The Actors Fun donation page to donate.

In addition, Manhattan Mini Storage has done its best to be a source of good in the world by working with other great organizations such as:

  • Toys for Tots
  • FeedingNYC
  • The Fashion Foundation
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Equality Now
  • Women’s Activism NYC

I love using Manhattan Mini Storage to help me with all my storage needs (and I have a lot of them). I also love that they’re making the holidays easier with their package wrapping and Free Package Acceptance along with doing their part to GIVE BACK to those that need it. We need more of that in the world. If you live in the Manhattan Area, give this company a look. They make it easy and affordable to house your excess stuff, no matter what it is.


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10 thoughts on “Holiday Help from Manhattan Mini Storage”

  1. That is so fantastic! I love that extra bit of holiday cheer they helping spread with the package acceptance and wrapping. I’m also a big believer in giving back so I LOVE their philanthropic streak!

  2. I love to see when companies give back. I try to give back myself as much as I can. Mini Storage sounds amazing. I’m sure this will be very helpful during the holidays.

  3. I’ve always wanted to get a storage place to truly hide our gifts where snoopers cannot get to them. This looks like a perfect solution!

  4. Services like this is so awesome, especially for people who doesn’t have enough space for too much stuffs.. Great article.

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