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Making a Caviar Board

With the holidays coming up, I’ve been looking for some fantastic appetizer options for my guests! I don’t know if you’ve all seen it, but the butter board trend is everywhere! It’s basically butter spreads on cheese boards to use as a dip for all kinds of snacks. Basically the typical charcuterie board has led to an entire inspiration of turning anything into a board of apps. Which, I am more than okay with! I thought I’d try out a caviar board and I was so happy with the results!

First thing, let’s start by talking trays! You can use a cutting board, which is an easy way to serve this appetizer for a dinner party! Or you can opt for a fancier option that you normally just use for a special occasion. If you’re a caviar lover, I’d consider this to be a win! Pro tip, I like to use glass jars to serve the best accompaniments in as they just look pretty and you can see what’s in them! Mini glass spoons are helpful when it comes to making servings of caviar for your guests. The small spoon gives the perfect dollop of caviar to any bite.

Tray Options

I like to shop at Saks, West Elm, Serena and Lily, Pottery Barn, World Market and Target! There are so many types of trays you can opt for. Glass vs wooden cutting board vs small cheese plate. It’s all about going for the option you want on display. You can fill it up completely with all the ingredients, too so it’s not visible at the start of the party. Or you can opt for a fancy tray you’ll want to show off!




Mini Toasts

Red Onion

Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

Crème Fraiche

Other ingredients you can add to your board are fresh dill, smoked salmon, pickled vegetables, lemon zest, crème fraiche or hard-boiled eggs. There are so many different types of caviar, but it’s best if you just choose your favorite option of these delicate eggs. You can also make your own toast if you know a simple recipe to whip up!

Let me know what boards you’re making this holiday season! I’d love to see all of your creative recipes!

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20 thoughts on “Making a Caviar Board”

  1. I’ve had caviar a few years ago but didn’t like it! Maybe it was the quality of the caviar, I am not sure. I would love to try it again.

  2. What a great appetizer spread for the holidays. It looks so pretty too! I love caviar…so delicious topped on a lot of different things too ^_^

  3. Ah there is, something I haven’t seen! It’s nice to come across something new to serve to guests and what perfect timing.

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