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Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball – Making Magic Every Day

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Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball is a brand new toy that combines the magic of imagination with creativity in a fun new way. The company says “real magic returns with Magic Mixies”, and it’s absolutely true. This is one of the cutest, most captivating toys I’ve seen in a while, and my youngest is loving it. This isn’t just any make-believe magic toy. It’s fully interactive, and children have to activate its magic with the included magic wand. It really ups the creativity and immersion, making it something that grabs the kids’ attention and never lets it go.

It begins with the Creation Spell – the spell that activates the Crystal Ball. The ball has fun light and sound effects that are triggered via the movements of the wand throughout the 6-step Creation Spell process. As the children move the wand to urge the Crystal Ball to reveal its secrets, it reacts in different ways to each movement of the wand, increasing the feel of a magical event, which is SO much fun.

After the spell is complete, the Mixie emerges. It’s an adorable plush creature! Its brightly colored fur, huge anime-like eyes, and super cute look all work together to create a little creature that is obviously from far away lands outside of our own realm. Even the plush Mixie is fully interactive. It features four modes of play including Tickling Mode, Game Mode, Spell Mode, and Fortune Telling Mode. My daughter is particularly enamored with the Fortune Telling mode, asking questions to her Mixie about herself and the family and getting our fortunes told.

Finally, the fun of Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball continues with all the magic that my daughter can create on her own. The Crystal Ball can house any object that is the same size or small as the enclosed Mixie, so she can have fun making various things disappear and reappear at will with the magic of her Crystal Ball. I love that because it encourages continued creativity, something that I think is incredibly important to a child’s development.

Then, when the fun of the day is over, the Crystal Ball can be used as a nightlight, bathing the room in a soft light that makes my daughter’s entire room feel magical. So, basically this toy makes magic all day and all night. It’s a wonderful creative outlet for any kid. I know because I’m seeing how much fun my daughter is having with it right now.

If you’re looking for a toy that encourages creativity and captures the magic of being a child, then I highly encourage you to check out Magical Mixies Magical Crystal Ball. My daughter has been captivated by it since we opened the box, and I think your kids will love it, too.

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24 thoughts on “Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball – Making Magic Every Day”

  1. Wow! This crystal ball is so cool! My daughter’s gonna love this, I’ll definitely get hers too! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. that is sooo cute! i would’ve very much enjoyed playing with .magic mixies when I was a child. we usually relate crystal balls to fortune telling, but this one produces a cute, little creature!

  3. It’s so nice plus points to it being an interactive toy. I am sure kids and kids at heart will definitely love it. How I wish these are available during our childhood days, haha!

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