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Little Green Gourmet

As most of my close friends know by now, Jason is gone for 5 weeks. Yeap that’s right, its just me and the kiddies once again. It’s only been 5 days but needless to say it has been extremely hard for me since we are commuting on a bus and or train everyday to take Ryder to school. And with Siella and a stroller in tow, I feel like I am in a hardcore bootcamp lugging everything around.

I was happy to have been recently contacted by Little Green Gourmets. Little Green Gourmets specializes in home delivered kids meals that is fresh, organic, and local in NYC. We were able to test out a 3 day trial of dinners last week. I must say I couldn’t have been happier that I didn’t have to cook and worry what they were eating for dinner with our hectic schedule. And the best part, my kids LOVED it!


Day 1: Chicken with brown rice, apple and cheese slices (cut in cute shapes), and string bean melody.


Day 2: Asian meatballs, cucumber salad, rice, sugar snap peas and carrots.

Day 3: Mac and Cheese (made with carrots), white bean dip with carrots, broccoli and cucumber, waldorf salad.


Both, I believe favored the mac and cheese, as there was a single bite left. You would never know there were hidden carrots in there! Yum! This was such a wonderful help to me last week and I would 100% order again for my kids. I split one meal between both my kids, as Siella is still small. As of now Little Green is only delivering to the West Village and Tribeca/Battery Park area. But keep on the lookout as they are expanding very soon! I also think they are super affordable and the cost of one week’s (which includes 4 dinner meals) is $52 with tax and delivery. That’s definitely less than what you would spend if you ordered out.

Stay tuned to SITC in the next couple of weeks for a chance to try Little Green Gourmet for your little ones!!!


Stroller in the city was not compensated for this post but did receive sample meals for the purpose of this review. 

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3 thoughts on “Little Green Gourmet”

  1. Five weeks! Oh my goodness – you truly are a super mama! The food looks tasty and I love how it is displayed..and of course those kiddos are gorgeous!

  2. Lugging around all of that baby equipment really does make you feel like you are undergoing severe boot camp training! LOL Sometimes when I am carrying the baby and loading a stroller in the car, I am actually grunting like a weightlifter as I struggle to lift everything! At least we are working out our muscles! =)

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