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A Letter From My Mom

So I gave my mom an assignment this week and asked her to write a post about what motherhood means to her and what is it like  to be a Grandma now. Having raised three children herself, she knows a thing or two (o.k. a lot) about motherhood. She has instilled values and the meaning of what unconditional love is in all her children and is an incredible example of an amazing mama. I hope my children will feel the same way about me when they are older.

The love that my children have for my mom is just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed. The world stops for their “Gee”, really it does; the minute I even say her name, they stop immediately in their tracks. I am beyond fortunate to live near her and see her as much as we do. She helps me through my busy days; especially when Jason is traveling. I am so grateful I get to share her thoughts with you all in her little note “Mother’s Day”..by Lorie Tursi…..


I always looked at my mother and wondered, how does she know the answers. Being a mother for thirty-three years myself, I am still learning. Motherhood is something so precious and delicate, I am so proud of all three of my children and my three beautiful grandchildren. I find myself now asking “how does she know“, when I watch my daughter with her children.

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Watching my daughter nurse all three of her children was just a breathtaking experience for me because I never seemed to get the hang of it back then. I watched her struggle the first time, and I wanted to so badly tell her to just give. Nursing was all so foreign to me and I couldn’t help her, but I knew this was something she wanted for her children, and I made sure to support her every step of the way. And she got it and eventually became a pro, I even became quit educated on the topic.



My daughter also introduces me to new ways of eating. Organic, I don’t think that was around in the 80’s. I am in amazement of what she cooks for her children, and the healthy habits they have learned at such a young age. But among all the “new” things she does for her children, she still takes the time to show them the traditions she was taught. Like the recipes my mom taught me, and her mom taught her. I always wished that my children could have had the chance to see my grandma in action. She would cook dinner for our entire family from just what she grew in her backyard garden.


I love watching my daughter grow into this amazing mother. She is smart, talented, and beautiful. When I hear my grandchildren call me, Gee, I just melt. I sit on the floor and play with them and nothing else matters. No household chores, no work, no worries, just play time. Because that what being a grandma is suppose to be, right!


I wonder sometimes, how did my mom find the time to get everything done? And recently, my daughter asked me how I’m so well-balanced. Me?, I thought! I feel like I am running all over the place cooking, cleaning, working and don’t think there’s enough time in the day. But in the end, it all gets done and I manage to spend carefree hours with my grandchildren. It’s the power of motherhood, I guess. But here’s the funny thing, I don’t think she noticed I’m still learning too.


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I was speaking with an old friend last week and she asked the question “where did the time go?” At first, I didn’t know the answer, but then, when I look around and see my three grown children and three amazing little souls running around, my answer was there. The time has gone but created this wonderful family circle around me. Thank you for making me first a mother and then a grandmother, two titles that I hold close to my heart. Thank you for the love in your heart and these incredible moments we get to share.

P.S. Your Mother’s Day card is sitting on my desk for two weeks because I didn’t know what to write. I guess I will just sign it, Love, Mom!

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6 thoughts on “A Letter From My Mom”

  1. No greater joy – being a Mom and now a Nonnie – sharing and watching the love in your family grow!

  2. ::TEARS:: this had to be the sweetest post…what an honor for your own mom to see as a Super Mom and for you and your children to know she’s is superhero too! Grandparents are such a blessing and I’m grateful my Chunks gets to grow up with his as well.

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