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The Best Kids Holiday Pajamas

Holiday Pajamas are something the whole family looks forward to each holiday season! There’s just something about seeing my kids in matching pajama sets each Christmas morning that makes me so happy! We have a tradition where we get brand new ones each year and watch Christmas movies in them together. Not only is it so fun to get a new pair of Christmas pajamas or holiday pajamas in general each year, but the kids grow so quickly, that we have to replace the sets anyway!

Here are some of my favorite pajamas from the new arrivals sections this year!


This is the most important category when it comes to shopping for pajamas! Firstly, we want the softest option possible for family pjs. Henceforth, cozy pajamas are a necessity and the scratchy ones just will not do! Select styles are soft and then you wash them and they get rough, so it’s important to pay attention to the material. Go for what you know your kids will love! Moreover, comfort over fashion every day, that’s the rule! For example, Hanna Andersson has some of the comfiest family pajamas out there!


The holidays have so many pattern options in regards to pajamas, it’s truly endless. For instance, you can go for the classic red stripe, santa, dreidels and menorahs for Hannukah or Christmas trees for Christmas eve! Specifically, I really enjoy how all the pajamas are neutral these days, it makes it so much easier to match the kids. But also, it makes it so they can wear them year round, they are way more versatile! There’s nothing cuter than kids pajamas with teeny tiny little Christmas trees on them!


While my girls loved wearing nightgowns as little girls, they are starting to outgrow them, which is a little sad. They’re into the matching sets these days, which is still fun, but it makes me miss the long john pajama and footie pajama phase. Petite Plume and Old Navy are our go-to’s for sets lately. You can go for the pullover tops or the button downs. They have a different vibe, one is more vintage and classic and the other is more comfortable and fun. You can’t go wrong with either. I’d say get as many as you’d like, as some are on sale now for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Do you have a favorite pajama brand? Let me know!

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J Crew has great pajamas for kids! They’re affordable and so comfy!
How cute are these?! I honestly don’t think I knew West Elm sold pajamas, but now that I know, it’s that much better!
These are way too cute! And I can’t even tell you how soft they are! There are little pj’s for every holiday!
I love these! Can you imagine these on a ski trip this winter?!
This set is so darling for the winter! They also come in adult and baby sizes!
Pajamas have really stepped up lately. These glow in the dark!
This is another set that has adult sizes. The candy canes will always have my heart!
Have you seen anything cuter? My girls love the Nutcracker!
We love night gowns in this house! This flannel material is so soft and cozy!
This is more of a classic holiday pajama. I think this pattern is perfect for Christmas Eve!
Specifically, Carter’s is known for their pajamas. These are so incredibly comfortable and I love having neutral sets for the kids to match in.
Moreover, baby onesies are way too cute! This brand makes some of the very best!
Furthermore, these are on sale for $10 right now! Get your hands on them before they sell out!
Finally, Burt’s Bees has some of the softest pajamas! I love this set!

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