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Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is nearing and there’s no better time to get a classic costume for your kids than now! I think the best part about Halloween night is the creativity that goes into kids’ Halloween costumes. Homemade Halloween costumes always are best, but I find that I don’t have the time to make great costume ideas from scratch. Amazon and other retailers will have to do for last minute ideas! The best costumes are the ones that your kids choose themselves. I have big kids now so they like to dress up with their friends but I’ve found some amazing last-minute costume ideas for the month!

Main Character

Firstly, a lot of kids want to go for their favorite character to dress up for easy costume ideas! Some of the most popular costumes are iconic characters from films and characters such as Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Peter Pan, Snow White, Princess Leia from Star Wars, Jurassic World, the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, characters from Stranger Things and so many more ideas that make up a genius idea. A historical figure or tv characters are ideas you can never go wrong with. Amazon Prime has plenty of the best Halloween costume ideas in stock and the shipping is incredibly fast. A cult favorite is always a good option to go for if you’re ever in a pinch for a perfect Halloween costume!


Secondly, when it comes to adorable baby costumes, dressing little ones up as animals is too cute for me to skip! Head to a costume shop and get some great ideas for this category! This is also something that is easy for DIY Halloween costumes, as it can simple be animal heads and solid clothing or a one piece with ears. Moreover, the whole family can enjoy this look! Everyone can be a character from a movie with woodland creatures or animals from a farm. Dogs, a black cat, ducks and bunnies are some classic options.

School Appropriate

Finally, most schools have rules for costumes. A lot allow costume parties but it’s important to make sure the costumes are appropriate to actually wear to school. This really applies to the scary Halloween costume concepts mostly. It can feel difficult to come up with a creative costume if you feel restricted, but making sure it’s within the comfort zone is important. No weapons, masks and making sure costumes go along with school guidelines are good rules to follow for this.


For instance, if you like scary or unique Halloween costumes, maybe consider saving those for trick or treating and go for something that’s more along the lines of easy Halloween costumes. Save Kylo Ren and darth vader for the candy after school and go for a character from the wizard of oz, the little mermaid or the classic witch costume. Have fun at your school party and wear something you are comfortable with that is safe and follows the rules. If you are unsure what the rules are for children’s costumes, check with your teachers!


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Firstly, how cute is this mermaid tail! It’s a wrap dress so you can wear a cute t shirt with it.
Secondly, this is a school appropriate dragon costume. It’s simple to work with and will keep you warm trick or treating.
Thirdly, if your child loves flamingo birds, they will love this! The tutu cape is too cute to pass up on!
This is way too cute! Not only is it an adorable costume but it’s an outfit that can actually be worn to nicer occasions.
Here we have the costume of the year! If your little one loved Barbie, you have to go for this costume!
The Sander Sisters are always in style for Halloween! Amazon has all sister costumes available.
Cruella is always a fun option! This is actually a tween size too so it’s great for the older kids.
Clueless was huge last year and it’s still a major trend! This is a great Cher costume because it has all the pieces you need.
The 70s look is a fun choice! This costume set has some great pieces that would also work for a 70s party!
Furthermore, a little gold fairy is a fantastic option! I just love the tutu on this one.
If your little one is obsessed with space an astronaut is the way to go! This set comes with the full suit and all the pieces.
My kids used to love saying hi to the pilots on the planes. If you have a child who is an airplane fan, this is a cute costume!
Moreover, little red is a classic! If you want to just use the cape that works but the full set is cute!
Finally, this could be a cowbody or Ken from the Barbie movie! Cowboys are an iconic Halloween costume.

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