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June Books For Kids

As many of you know I publish a monthly round up of children’s books. This month I felt that it is important to highlight books about diversity and specifically stories featuring people of color. Racism is taught. No child is born with prejudice in their heart. Its incredibly important to not only teach equality to our children but to lead by example so they can inherent goodness and inclusivity. These stories highlight extraordinary black public figures, while others celebrate diversity and how special it is to be an ally to all walks of life. I hope we can all participate in rewriting the future for all our children to go forth with kindness and respect.

This biography book shares the story of amazing black women who changed the world for the better. Also check out the mens version for a complete collection.
Michael Jordan is a household name, but did you know he almost gave up on his dream? An inspiring story about perseverance and tenacity.
Sometimes its scary to feel different. A sweet story about starting new relationships even if you’re not like the others.
Born to parents who were slaves, Florence Mills used her beautiful singing voice to unite her community. Her strength led her to perform on broadway inspiring songwriters and playwrights across the globe.
A classic children’s book about a boy and his city life. Explore Peters busy neighborhood on a hot summers day.
This book is both useful and intriguing. Follow a family as they make their way through a modern airport. From checking bags, the conveyor belt, security clearance, etc… Airports are all part of the adventure.
This sweet coloring book features different hairstyles for all little princesses.
Every Sunday CJ and his grandmother ride the bus across town. He wonders why he doesn’t have the same things as other little boys, but his grandmother helps him realize the fun in everything he does have.
Who doesn’t love birthdays? This is the perfectly poetic book celebrating all the wonderful things about our birthdays.
Lets go for a trip around the world! Readers will meet 7 children from different countries and how their families do things on a daily basis.
Bob Marley is well known for his music and political commentary for unity. This vibrant and upbeat book helps keep his special message alive.
Engage your children to explore all walks of life and to see things in new perspectives with this bright and beautiful picture book.
This artfully bold book explores the concept and power of being antiracist. Perfect for all ages wanting to support a just society.
This story highlights the diversity in a classroom. Students of all races and religious backgrounds arrive for a day at school. The classmates learn to celebrate their differences while playing together.

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20 thoughts on “June Books For Kids”

  1. What an amazing collection of books! My daughter loves to read and she has been reading a lot during the quarantine. I think my daughter would like This Is How We Do It, One Love and All Are Welcome.

  2. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    That’s a great list. I will show them to my son and check which one he would be interested. Reading is very good for kids. I always encourage my son to follow that.

  3. Thank you very much for this post! It is really important to teach our children about diversity and how everyone is different! I was looking to get some books for my kids and thanks to you the search is over!

  4. As a black woman myself, I deeply appreciate this post and your support by making other families aware of these beautiful books. Little steps like these will one day have a huge impact.

  5. Great selection of books to introduce important lessons and support deserving authors and illustrators. I’d love to pick up a few of these for my nephew!

  6. A great list and I am going for the airport book because I am a travelista ~ While these are children’s book for my kids, I think I will enjoy reading them as well. – Knycx Journeying

  7. How kind of you to feature books on black people. Not sure if racism is taught or innate but this could help.

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