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How to Shop Sustainably for Earth Day

Earth day is on the 22nd of this month! We feel this is a great reminder each year to be more mindful of the products we use. I preach to my kids about leaving this planet a better place than we found it and there are so many ways we can do our part. These are things like the use of plastic bags, climate change, food waste, single-use plastics, greenhouse gas emissions as well as carbon emissions. It’s important to work towards a more sustainable future.

One small change can make a huge difference in the long run, never think you aren’t doing enough. Simply reducing the use of plastic water bottles is one of the most important sustainable practices. There are tons of water bottles on the market that are reusable and made of sustainable materials, even. In honor of Earth Day and being more environmentally conscious, here are some of my favorite sustainable products and eco-friendly brands I love to shop from. Everything helps make a positive impact on this planet.

shop sustainably

Shop for the Home

Firstly, this is one of the easier categories to make better changes in. The good thing about the earth friendly materials is that they actually are safer for our families to be using. Free from chemicals and with an added earth-friendly benefit, it’s a win-win situation. In my home, we have made strides to eliminate old habits. Items like single-use plastic bottles, plastic straws and paper products as well as other plastic products have all been rid of. For instance, we use our dishes and just wash them rather than having one use throw away products.

shop sustainably

Moreover, the environmental impact on not having all of that to throw away is maybe small worldwide, but large for us. Single use plastics are a bigger issue than we realize and a simple solution is products that can be reused and washed. Natural ingredients have been at the top of my list for cleaning supplies. Some of my favorite brands to shop from are Blueland, Branch Basics, Bee’s Wrap and Stasher Bags.

shop sustainably


Secondly, the fashion industry does a number to this planet. From the clothing creation process to all of the clothes that end up in landfills, local communities can actually do a lot to help out with this. A few major ways are to go to thrift shops or shop from brands that follow the global organic textile standard. Mother Earth has too many clothes from fast fashion that end up being thrown away. An old garment doesn’t really break down into the planet. I’m not a fan of the saying one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. But in terms of finding really cool thrifted or even vintage pieces, this is a great time to be trying that out.

shop sustainably

Sustainable fashion is not only on trend at the moment, but the way we should be incorporating new clothing that makes a big impact on this planet into our closets. It’s going to take a lot to eliminate fast fashion primarily because of the price point. Having less waste, better sources and materials as well as work environments make the world of a difference. The best part is that the clothes last longer! Even thrifting helps to make a difference and eliminate the amount of clothes that are tossed. A few of my favorite sustainable brands that do great with social responsibility are Everlane, Quince, Girlfriend Collective, Sézane, Summersalt, Levi’s and Mate the Label.

shop sustainably

Furthermore, my kids grow like weeds! I feel like we are constantly shopping and the climate pledge friendly badge is to shop for organic fabrics made with sustainable fibers.  Not only do I want my kids to be comfortable, but I enjoy donating the clothing they outgrow for other children to enjoy. We are not tough on our clothing to begin with, so we take care of our things and give them away in good condition. For children’s clothing brands, we love are Boden, One Quince, Pact and TenTree.

shop sustainably


Finally, this is a very important category and something we can all take part in. For this, I want to call attention to something larger than environmentally friendly products- our actions. Promoting a smaller carbon footprint and using solar panels are just a few things we do as individual actions. I love that these add up to larger outcomes. We look at our utility company and work on using less energy.

Reducing the use of electricity is not for the price, but for the planet. Overall, clean energy is impactful and I love being a part of a small change to become a larger change for this planet. I’d love to leave it a better place for my grandchildren someday. Sustainable habits get easier each day and we form new habits that become daily routine. These small habits rack up to form large impacts for the better on our planet.

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Firstly, the chemicals in cleaning products these days are not only scary but can be incredibly harmful. Blueland has been a staple for me and they are glass bottles so they are reusable.
Secondly, on the topic of cleaning, laundry is the next area we need to address. This is a safe line of products and environmentally friendly, too.
Thirdly, this is a weighted single blade razor that is changing the game. This set comes with everything you need including a shave pillow, blade holder, travel accessories and more.
If you are a mom, you may be familiar with these! Essentially they are like plastic baggies we use in the kitchen but they are silicon so they are reusable and dishwasher safe! We even like to use them for our makeup and skincare when we travel.
I love a linen dress in the summertime. This is the perfect silhouette and can be dressed up or down!
How sweet is this dress? It’s perfect for spring and summer and I love the pattern!
Furthermore, cream blush is all the rage these days. It blends well and stays on for awhile. The shade options are phenomenal from Merit!
Everlane is known for being a great sustainable company. But one other thing they are known for are their jeans! They are some of the very best and so flattering.
Yes, you read that right! A washable silk skirt that is sustainably made. They have some amazing colors to choose from and the quality is great.
Moreover, finding shoes that guys love and that are comfortable to walk in NYC in is a struggle. Allbirds is a great brand with a commitment to the planet and tons of shoe options for men and women!
You all know how much I love Sézane! I actually own this blouse and find their pieces to be a great investment for my closet and the planet.
We all need more socks! Mate the Label is one of my top cotton brands to shop and these might just be the coziest options around.
I struggle to find a great pair of pants for Ryder and Jason and I think I’ve found them! They fit well and are also from a brand that is mindful of the planet.
I would wear these out of the house, they are too cute to be pajamas! I love this brand and everything they make is truly so worth it.
Finally, this is a holy grail product. If you are on the internet, you know this has taken the world by storm and a little goes a very long way, so forget about the price because it’s completely worth it!

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shop sustainably
shop sustainably

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