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How to Have a Trendy Fall Porch

Now that we are in September, we are a few weeks away from the official start of fall. School has begun and I am already in the fall mindset and ready to decorate for the changing seasons. Furthermore, seasonal changes can make the space more fun, provide a great activity for the family and make you feel like there is a fresh start beginning with the change of seasons.

Particularly, with fall comes Halloween and Thanksgiving. Holidays are a great excuse to put up some fall decorations this time of year. I’m a firm believer that it’s never too early to decorate for the seasons and holidays you really enjoy! These are my favorite front porch ideas for decoration this fall season!


Firstly, I find the most joy in decorating for the holiday season. Halloween is first up on the holiday list and the autumn months scream faux pumpkins, corn husks and colorful leaves. This is arguably one of the most fun holidays of the year, so why not get a head start on decorations? Sometimes shipping times can get rough, so ordering now will ensure your items will be here for October! For instance, pumpkins are the perfect way to start decorating your porch. You can get fake one’s that you can reuse each year, or go pick pumpkins as family and carve them for display. Pumpkin patches provide a great fall family activity, while the fake pumpkins will be able to be used year after year.

Moreover, Thanksgiving is another holiday that can be decorated for with a plaid throw, turkey decor and things that fall into that theme for beautiful fall porch decor.

Fall Season

Secondly, the season of fall in general is enough of a reason to redecorate. When I think of fall,I think of rustic lanterns, straw bales, a variety of pumpkins or gords and a plaid blanket. It’s such a different vibe from summer and an excuse to cozy up your space to welcome fall. Getting fall specific items can mean so many different things. For instance, textures and colors. Neutral colors are a great place to start, like brown, taupe, orange, red and ivory.

Go for those thicker textures such as flannel and knits. Specifically, this can come into play with pillows on outdoor furniture- if you have a bench or some chairs, this is a great way to have seasonal transitions for your home. Another easy change could be with a wreath on your door. I like to have seasonal wreaths to swap out a few times a year. Furthermore, doormats can be a simple swap, as well. They make fun and affordable options at Target and on Amazon!

Seasonal Swaps

Finally, if you are not one to go for huge changes or you have small porches, little swaps can make a huge difference each season. Contrarily, versatile items for your outdoor space are items that can stay there year round. Henceforth, I would consider good options to be plant pots, a light fixture or real pumpkins that will only last one season.

Modern fall porch decor seems to be like a sport these days. DIYers go all out with both simple touches and crafty swaps that are a fun way to step up your fall display for the new season. Front porch decor ideas are all about your own taste of style. A muted color palette is always the most versatile, but this is the opportunity to add some color to your space with colorful mums, a beautiful fall wreath or stacks of pumpkins for a seasonal look to your beautiful porch.

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Firstly, I love this wreath because it’s not too holiday focused. It could work for the entire season and looks stunning for Thanksgiving.
Secondly, I love these laps because they are so versatile. They’re slightly rustic while providing a soft look to your porch at night.
Thirdly, finding good fake trees are not easy. These are festive while still being casual enough to have several seasons outside.
I’ve never seen such good fake hay before. It’s the look without the allergies hay actually gives!
I love a good bench for a porch. It provdies seating and makes the space feel a little homier.
The perfect combination of fall and Halloween exists in this garland! It’s stunning and provides some great color to any porch.
I’m not into spiders or webs for Halloween, but I thought this was well done! It’s not creepy and gives your porch some light.
Pumpkins are so fun to decorate with for fall! I love that this is not cheesey and it’s classy enough to save year after year.
Furthermore, this is the perfect fall faux tree for anyone’s porch! It screams Thanksgiving to me and is adorable. It’s currently on sale!
Moreover, I thought this was a classy look to add to my porch. It’s neutral while staying in spirit.
Specifically, I love this mat for all things fall! There’s not catchy-cheesiness to it and it’s lighthearted.
Finally, these buckets are so multi-purpose. You could put flowers, apples, pumpkins or really anything you’d like in them! Candy holders for Halloween count, too.

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3 thoughts on “How to Have a Trendy Fall Porch”

  1. How is Autumn already here?! I love these porch ideas. I know first on my to-do list this fall is to order a dumpster rental. After such a crazy summer, decluttering our home will just boost our home aesthetic. Thanks again for these great ideas!

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