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Hot Cocoa Recipes to Sip on All Winter

With the holiday season at an end, we have officially entered the New Year! It’s getting really cold in NYC and we’re always looking for a way to warm up, which includes tasty options like homemade hot chocolate! I grew up on hot cocoa mix and I love how many recipes I’ve been finding online to make it a little more fun. Have you seen hot chocolate melts or hot chocolate bombs? You make molds of them, refrigerate it to harden and then once it’s dropped into hot water or warm milk, the delicious hot chocolate flavor is dispersed!

Mix it up with white chocolate, chai spices, candy canes, vanilla extract or coconut cream and you have a yummy twist on an original classic. Adults can even add some irish cream, a dash of peppermint schnapps or your favorite liquor to make delicious cocktails out of a hot chocolate base. End a snow day or cold nights with a warm drink this season! Here are my favorite hot chocolate recipes!

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Classic Hot Chocolate

Chilly days deserve a creamy hot chocolate. This recipe is incredibly simple to follow and only takes about 15 minutes, so you could honestly do this daily if you’d like. Add mini marshmallows and whipped heavy cream on top and you are all set!



Peppermint Hot Chocolate

This is a great recipe because anything really could be added to it to make it more delicious. Dark chocolate would make this an even more decadent drink. There’s truly nothing like curling up with a cup of cocoa after a cold day. Whipped cream is always necessary, too!


Hot Cocoa Bombs

Is anyone else intimidated by these? They sound so difficult to make, but I was so excited when I found this recipe because they explain the directions really well. They’re easy to make and don’t take as much time as you’d think they would. I like the idea of these because you can keep them in the fridge and just warm up some milk in a small saucepan whenever you want to make them.


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Hot White Chocolate

I don’t think I’ve ever actually had hot chocolate with white chocolate before. I think it sounds amazing and is such a fun way to spruce it up! Normally, a dash of vanilla is all for me, but these recipes are really helping me step outside of my comfort zone from the classic hot chocolate recipe. Also, how cool are these clear mugs?! These would be great with crushed peppermint on top!


Dairy Free Hot Chocolate

This recipe had me at 5 minute total time. If you don’t consume dairy but love hot chocolate, don’t worry! I’ve found a recipe that will make your taste buds sing! We’re going to cure that hot cocoa craving with almond milk, coconut milk or any dairy free milk you enjoy. This recipe only has 4 ingredients and they all get simmer over medium-low heat for only a matter of minutes. Top it with coconut or dairy free whipped cream and you’re ready to enjoy!



Mexican Hot Chocolate

If you haven’t tried Mexican hot chocolate, you are missing out! Use Mexican hot chocolate packets as the base and add a little cinnamon to taste. Cozy up with this and you will never drink normal hot cocoa again!



Frozen Hot Chocolate

I know it’s winter and it’s cold, but frozen hot chocolate is so good! It’s so much more than just a milkshake, if that’s what you were thinking. It’s basically a milkshake, but instead of ice cream you use milk and hot chocolate mix. And you can make this out of white chocolate and dark chocolate, as well! The best part is that it only takes 5 minutes. Enjoy with a straw and spoon!


Spiced Hot Cocoa

Let’s spice it up! Honestly, I feel like adding a little bit of spiced flavor warms it even more. This is a modern twist on a classic hot chocolate recipe. Nutmeg, brown sugar and cayenne pepper are the stars of the show here! It might not be the best option for kids, but I think adults who like a little bit of a kick would really like it!


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*This post was originally published January 5th, 2023

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  1. Hot chocolate is my go-to winter drink! I love the sounds of all of these and can’t wait to add them into my nightly routine!

  2. I love adding peppermint to my hot chocolate! I am going to have to try the hot white chocolate since I like white chocolate. And the dairy free sounds amazing, too.

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