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Holiday Serveware You’ll Enjoy

When I think of family and friend gatherings for the holiday season, immediately I’m reminded of how much of a special occasion it is. Not only are we coming together to celebrate a holiday, but we are spending time together that we don’t normally get. And that’s the magic of the holiday season! Now, when it comes to hosting a holiday celebration, it can be overwhelming. I like to begin with the serving pieces and then tackle decorations. The large platters, dinnerware sets and serving dishes are more important for holiday dinner parties than decorations on the dining table. Although, you know I am a decorator at heart!

Let’s get started on which pieces to take note of for your festive feast!

Appetizer Trays

When I think of this category, my mind immediately goes to a charcuterie board! What better way to spread holiday cheer than serving boards full of cheese?! If you’re on TikTok, you know how butter boards are taking the world by storm. I do think they are super fun and you can add a decorative accent with spices to them, as well. I’ll be making a caviar board as an addition to my holiday party this year and having the right tray for my holiday meal plans is important. Think about what you would like to serve at your gathering and then purchase these items!

For instance, I like to keep things fairly neutral and versatile over here, so I can use them year round. But there’s never any harm in adding a little festive flair to your serveware! Rich colors for a Christmas party or a Christmas tree design on something makes it feel special, as it’s meant for certain occasions, like the holidays. Furthermore, if you’re a guest at a party, I even think making a charcuterie board on a really nice board or tray and gifting it to the host is a great gift!


You can’t have a party without cups! Of course, you can have traditional glasses, but you can also spice it up a little for a good time! Get something with a gold rim or touch of gold to it to make it feel more like a party! You can go for a traditional holiday design or keep it versatile. That’s totally up to you, there is no wrong cup to have as a host.


One of the most important things you can have are the plates! If you want to go for disposable plates as an easy cleanup option, they make really pretty and nice ones these days. You can find them on Amazon, Target and Walmart. But you can also go for festive plates! Things that are meant for special occasions are so fun to save and bring out for this time of year. Williams Sonoma, Crate and Barrel and West Elm have fantastic dinner plates and salad plates for any Christmas dinner. I found some more neutral options, just because that’s what I lean towards, but I do think the holiday themed options are a great time!


As far as placemats go, I tend to go for more wintry options, rather than holiday based. This is solely because I like to change out my placemats seasonally, rather than for each holiday. But World Market had some of the best options this year! It’s not always easy to find good quality placemats, so when I find some, I jump on them.


Finally, we are in the broadest category! The sky is the limit with this one! It can include a serving bowl, flatware, pitchers, cheese knives or really anything that will help you serve your holiday spread. I know napkin holders are more decorative, but I did include a fun option to my shopping finds. Even a mug to serve hot chocolate to your guests in is fun! It’s the holidays, we are meant to relax and enjoy ourselves, if you want to get that one kitchen item you’ve had your eye on, grab it!

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We’re all loving charcuterie boards and butter boards. You know I am making my caviar board for the holidays, too! But I couldn’t resist this serving board!
These make for a great table piece, but are also so helpful! You can hold a bunch of appetizers on here and the tier helps you save table space!
What I like about this plate is that it’s wintry, while not being attached to any holiday. You can use it for the entire season, since it’s neutral, but it also works for the holidays!
Now these are adorable! I love how neutral they are with the touch of the gold tree.
We need something to put the dip in! I love that I can use these year round, but the gold bottom screams holiday season to me! You can choose from a few different marble shades.
These cluster bowls are perfect for a charcuterie board or just for appetizer bites on their own! Once again, the gold detail has my heart!
I love this for bringing food as a guest! It even makes a really cute hostess gift, since it’s fairly neutral.
I love the Christmas touch to these! And the best part? They’re on major sale right now!
How stunning is this?! It’s a great size, so you can fit a lot on it and it’s 30% off right now!
These are a great napkin holder! I love the little bell and beaded design. It looks like a branch with holly!
These come in a set of 4 and can honestly work for any holiday, including New Years! This smidge of added texture and gold is stunning!
Looking for glasses to put on your table? The gold on these is perfect for the holidays, while still remaining versatile!
I like to have silverware that is separate for large gatherings or for special occasions. You know I had to go for this set, since it’s a gold/copper mix. Even better, they’re on sale!
Have you ever seen a placemat that is so wintry? I love the snow embossed pine and think it adds a lot of texture to the table.
Would you believe me if I told you this was from Amazon? It looks more expensive to me! The simple, yet seasonal design is superb!

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29 thoughts on “Holiday Serveware You’ll Enjoy”

  1. Jennifer L Prince

    I love how this is holiday and festive without going overboard. You’ve made the scapes so classy and beautiful. Love them!

  2. We try to include special plates, glassware, etc with our holiday table setting. I especially like the table figurines- it really adds to the look, and the memories.

  3. You have such a great style! You manage to keep everything low-key but still festive and bright. It’s modern, but it’s still holly and jolly. Love it!

  4. I love how you took neutral but still included lovely color. I am also surprised at how great the use of pink is for the holidays.

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