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Holiday Gift Guide: Electronics Edition

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I never really thought I’d be one to be wooed by technology, but as of late, I’ve found myself excited by devices that make my life easier; and now I need to have the latest and fastest. Where did this geek come from? I guess since I am so beholden to these gadgets for my livelihood that I look forward to updates and upgrades that improve viewing, working and just everyday experiences.

I have created a little gadget holiday gift guide, that will satisfy just about everyone on your list. My favorite is the Lenovo 920 Yoga 2-in-1 computer. Powered by Intel’s 8th Gen Core processor, these Intel powered gifts are just faster and more powerful, which make them must-haves.

The Lenovo 920 Yoga can perform a variety of tasks like sketching, photo manipulation, and video streaming; plus it can fold back to become a tablet, or open like a traditional laptop. The 2-in-1 thing really gets me! Ryder has started using a computer in school, so I think this would be the perfect gift for him, or better yet give him my old, and update my desk with this!

We travel everywhere with our kids, so headphones for music or a quick show on a handheld are a must. I am not gonna lie- even when not traveling, I will cave, and give some screen time just when mama needs a bit if quiet-time. Check out these JBL JR300BT wireless headphones.

Holiday Gift Guide: Electronics Edition

Intel Falcon™ 8+ Drone: Ryder has developed quite a penchant for all things gadget and electronics. His latest obsession- drones. I’m not sure how I feel about these futuristic toys, but watching them in acton are pretty cool. I guess they are the equivalent of remote control cars of our youth! Some models might be a little too advanced for him, but maybe the entire family can use it, to capture some amazing photos while on the slopes, or at the beach over the summer.

GoPro HERO6 Black 4K Ultra HD Camera: This is a must have for any sporting family, because the quality of the photos and videos are top notch. Not to mention, the camera can be rigged to almost anyone or anything, offering such unique camera positions and angles.

Cordite Cord & Plug Rollup: With all the wireless gadgets we collect, there are nests of cords, wires and plugs tangled together, in every corner of the house. This cord organizer is perfect for keeping me sane, especially during travel.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Portable Waterproof Speaker: This portable speaker is perfect for winter and summer travel because it is waterproof (pool or snow safe). Now, we can have dance parties everywhere. And check out the fun colors!

Which one is your favorite? Happy Shopping! 

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21 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: Electronics Edition”

  1. Heather @ Kraus House Mom

    My youngest wants a Go Pro something fierce. I’m afraid it will make her more of a daredevil than she already is.

  2. The GoPro is my favorite! I don’t have one, but would love for Santa to leave one for me this year. I love this list!

  3. That GoPro Hero looks pretty awesome. I’ve been looking for a gift that will let my husband capture cool action shots. This is it!

  4. I have to say… I’ve haven’t been a fan of drones in the past but now I’m seeing all the creative fun things that can be done with them. I’m actually looking into getting one for my husband!

  5. Wow! I know what I am putting on Santa’s list for mommy this year… the Lenovo 920! I’ve wanted a 2 in 1 for a bit now and this one seems like it is the best fit so far! Thanks!

  6. This is a great list of electronics. There are a lot on here that even I would love to have. The Lenovo sounds amazing! I would love that.

  7. Thanks so much for some great gift ideas for my tech-savvy college kids. They all love their YOGA laptops, but I think it’s time for an upgrade to the latest model.

  8. My daughters would love the wireless headphones for Christmas. It’s a win-win situation. I wouldn’t have to listen to their music.

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