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Holiday Books for Your Kids to Read

Happy December! The holiday season is officially among us! This magical time of the year is something my kids look forward to all year long. It’s the perfect time to spend quality time with your family and see family members who live farther away. It’s also a time where we show extra gratitude for everything we have in our lives. Winter break is coming up and something my kids like to do with their time off from school is read a book of their choice.

When it comes to reading, I like to make sure my kids have books on their bookshelves that they enjoy taking time to read. They’re all in school and get assigned reading and the books aren’t always ones they enjoy, so when they have time to do some independent reading, it’s important to me that it’s an experience they look forward to. And holiday themed books are definitely always something they enjoy! Now is the perfect time to order them, so they arrive in time for Christmas!

Books make a fantastic gift, but reading holiday books leading up to the holidays is a special experience. It gets you in the mindset for the season and offers a magical escape from reality into the world of a festive imagination. I know there are some really adorable holiday books for children to educate them and get them in the holiday spirit, but I have been on the hunt for some great choices for tweens and teens! And I’m so excited to say that I have found some great choices for them, too! A fun thing we do once we finish a holiday book is watch the movie version as a family, if there is one, because a lot of the books have movies! Like The Polar Express or one about Rudolph!

What was your favorite book to read around the holidays as a kid?

This super cute story is a retelling of the classic Twas the Night Before Christmas, but this time, it takes place on a farm!
The shortest day of the year is the Winter Solstice. This story is all about a community coming together to prepare for the longest night of the year celebrate life.
Young readers around age 7, this one is for you! A mysterious woman sneaks into town at night leaving bizarre presents. It’s not Mrs. Clause, but Santa’s sister?!
We all know of The Nutcracker Ballet, but have we read the story? This isn’t exactly like the ballet, it has it’s own touches, such as the fact that it takes place in Russia, but it is a fun story all about where this Nutcracker came from!
Jimmy Fallon has written an adorable Christmas book that is perfect to read to your kids this month! Make the last week before Christmas more fun by counting down the days with how many sleeps are left!
Deja worries Santa won’t be able to give all the kids in the city presents because there’s no parking or room for reindeer. With the help of her family, community and Santa himself, she realizes the Christmas spirit is alive!
This is the perfect example of a movie we watch after finishing the book! We love Elf and there’s a book version of the story out, too! If you aren’t familiar with the tale, an elf gets stuck in NYC and he needs help getting back to the North Pole, but nobody believes he’s a real elf!
Narwhal loves the holiday season! This book shares 3 festive stories for your children to enjoy!
Calling all young adult readers, this one is for you! Joanne’s husband has unexpectedly passed around the holidays and 12 days before Christmas, presents start to show up on her doorstep from “True Friends”. She and her children begin to unravel the mysterious gift givers and it helps them with their grief.
Thomas can’t find the dried fruit he needs to make his special holiday Wintercake! Thankfully, his friends come together to help save the day!
It’s Tessa and Weston’s first Christmas together! When Tessa’s estranged mother shows up and is rude, will she ruin Christmas? This is perfect for teens to read this holiday season!
This might just be the sweetest book for toddlers out there! Charles is determined to prove that the Wish Tree exists, he brings along his companion Boggan, and along the way, they discover that wishes can come true in the most unexpected ways.
Brady ruins Harper’s prize tree and is stuck in the tiny holiday crazed town for the entire month of December. But there’s a lot this town can teach her and she might end up saving the entire town, once she learns the true meaning of Christmas.
Two boys have huge Christmas lists, but the mall Santa tells them they won’t be getting anything on their list, and instead, they will receive everything they never wanted. He has them help at the children’s ward as Santa’s Elves for the holidays, where they meet kids who show them the true spirit of Christmas.
Every star on Christmas Eve is a wish that comes true. This adorable children’s book is all about the magical spirit of Christmas.

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16 thoughts on “Holiday Books for Your Kids to Read”

  1. My favorite Christmas book as a child was The Grinch by Dr. Suess. I read it now to my child and he loves it as much as I did when I was his age.

  2. I am familiar with some of these books and they are wonderful. As for the ones that I am not familiar with they do look interesting and I will keep them Tucktaway in my memory should I need to book such as this in the future

  3. What a lovely list of books for children to enjoy during the holidays! I just sent a link to my cousin who has little ones and I think they would enjoy them. I’ve read most of them.

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