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Helping Kids with Supplies for Success

I’ve always had a heart for philanthropy. I’ve been incredibly blessed in my life, and from a young age, I was cognizant of the fact that there were others out there that weren’t as lucky as I was. As I got older, that fact grew to a finer point as I saw just how many children out there need help and how hard it is on their parents to not be able to give them what they need. Giving back and raising awareness for causes is something that I try to instill in my children each and every single day. This past weekend, the kiddies and I helped pack up school supplies for kids in need through the Supplies For Success program

Supplies for Success is a New York agency helping children get the school supplies they need that their parents can’t afford. I’m so happy to be working with them to fill backpacks with school supplies for these underserved youth.

As my children have grown, I’ve always impressed upon them the importance of service and giving back.

To that end, I’m working with my kids to pack up backpacks full of school supplies from Supplies for Success which we’ll then deliver to Heart of Gold. It’s one more way I can give back and teach my children to give back as well.

When we think about people living in poverty, we immediately think of food and shelter, but it’s more far-reaching than that. For so many children, school supplies are a luxury that their parents just can’t afford. The backpacks and care kits that my children and I are assembling will help so many children get a better education because they’ll have the tools they need to succeed.

It has touched my heart to create these kits with the help of Supplies for Success. My children have been eager to do this, and they’re so excited to know that they’re helping other kids in need out there. Watching my children give back and knowing that these kits will help so many children is so good for my soul, and it will be so good for those kids!

Supplies for Success is a wonderful organization, and I encourage you to reach out and see how you can help kids succeed by working with Supplies for Success, too!!

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