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Gearing Up For Summer

As the school year begins to wind down, I’ve been home preparing for what is to come in the 100 days, the children are off from school. This time of year is filled with excitement, as homework assignments dwindle, days at the playground grow longer, and weekends are stacked with beach and pool days. I’ve been cleaning closets, and rotating out summer clothes and shoes, prepping for 3 weeks of camp, along with our road trips and vacations on the books. With so much excitement and anticipation, I feel as if it’s the same butterflies I would get during the same time of year, when I was a kid. What I am most excited about is being able to spend time with old friends and their kids, the ones that I grew up with and call family. We usually will get together throughout the winter months too, but this year seemed so busy for all of us there was never time.

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Even if its just for the day, taking trips to the beach is my most favorite thing to do. When going with friends and their kids, our group will choose a beach thats central for everyone, and load up on food and snacks for the day. Packing the essentials is key, and I’ve already started picking up some things to be prepared. I wanted to share my little cheat sheet for those big, wet, hot days out.

IMG_6287 IMG_7819

Beach towels

Sand Toys

Beach Umbrella

Beach Blanket

Boogie Boards/Floaties


Change of clothes for kiddies



Dr. Smith’s Rash Spray 

Baby Powder for those sandy toes and bums

With three kids out of diapers, you may be wondering why the Dr. Smith’s Rash Spray made the list. You need to keep in mind that with the constant sand play, half the beach ends up inside Gemma’s bathing suit, leaving her with quite the rash. Heavy traveling, sweating, and dampness from pools and beaches are prime conditions for diaper rash. Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray is a zinc oxide treatment for diaper rash that soothes, helps heal and prevents rashes and skin irritations on babies’ sensitive bottoms. Since Gemmie still wears the occasional over night pull up, Dr. Smith’s has quelled some ugly flair ups. Both Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray and Dr. Smith’s Rash Ointment are pediatrician-developed and soothes on contact and helps heal diaper rash FAST; often overnight.

FullSizeRender copyIMG_5314IMG_5330

The only thing left to pick up on my list are some bathing suits and water shoes, because they’ve grown out of everything from last season. And with that, our countdown until schools out continues. I can’t wait to have my kiddies around all summer.

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  1. Water shoes!!!!
    I was going to say we are already all geared up for summer – – but apparently we are not 🙂

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