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Free Spirit

In just two weeks, Gemma will be two years old. I still can’t believe my third child will now be entering full on big girl toddler stage, and I will no longer have a baby. Over the past month, actually the last week or so, she transitioned from letting out a couple of words, to spewing full on sentences, and holding a conversation. Her free spirit personality shines through constantly, and she has become quite the comedian. She changes the pitch of her voice when she’s trying to be funny, which leaves us all in stitches.


We are in the mist of prepping for her birthday party, which will be a small get together of her handful of her little friends. I wanted to keep it simple this year, because we have a trip to LA for spring break on the horizon. The kids are busting with anticipation for the trip, and I am oozing with planning. So many details to consider, especially since we will be driving everywhere, we will need a big car with car seats. I’ve always been wiry of carseats from rental car companies, which could be crawling with germs from plenty of spit ups. And, since we will be in California for a long time, I figured we should carry a car seat or two on the plane and ship the third. Is that crazy?

IMG_4671 IMG_4613

Maxi Cosi just launched their Bohemian Red Collection, which totally screams free spirited, laid back, California Living. When it comes to choosing a carseat for my children, naturally, safety is the number one concern, but I have to say that I love how Maxi Cosi adds a fashion spin in this unique and vivid collection. The colors of reds, blues, and yellows are all super trendy this season, and they’ve totally inspired me for the spring months ahead, as well as for our Cali trip! In preparation for shopping and packing for the trip, I even made an inspiration board based on the unique collection, featured below. They’ll be riding in style, and dressed in style.

MAXI COSI bohemian red

The Maxi Cosi Bohemian Red collection is available for their Mico AP and Pria 70 carseats models, and they will be available exclusively on Diapers.com and Amazon for $225-$275.

Thank you Maxi Cosi for sponsoring this post and inspiring all of us mamas.

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