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Family Travel: Punta Cana {Part I}

We are back from our much needed vacation to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! This was a bunch of firsts for us…Gemma’s first trip on an airplane, traveling as a family of five, and Ryder and Siella in a wedding party. The main reason for this trip was that a cousin of ours was getting married there. To start, the plane ride both directions was not horrible. I have to say its all about the snacks and activities you bring with you! I made to sure pack enough snacks to last us through the flight. I also downloaded some fun new apps for the kids and didn’t let them know about them till we were in flight. Thank you to my friend Ella for recommending Toca and Mindcraft apps. Siella and Ryder played for hours with the Toca apps.

This trip was so nostalgic for Jason and I because we got married in Punta Cana six years ago. And it just so happens at the exact same resort, Paradisus Punta Cana. During our entire stay we were totally comparing about our past experience which was of course completely different sans three kids. During our wedding/honeymoon, we stayed at the Paradisus for almost three weeks. By the time we left, we felt as though we were part of the compound. The resort definitely has changed since being there so many years ago. Some for good, and some for bad. They added another side called the Reserve section which was lovely but unfortunately the food had taken a dive, which is hard when you are trying to feed kids especially!

Traveling with three kids under the age of five is honestly not that much of a vacation for us, the parents. Don’t get me wrong, we had a lovely time and so much fun but there were the times when I wanted to pack our bags and leave. I had to remember the kids were totally off their schedule. They were going to bed later than normal, not taking naps, and just exhausted from the beach, pool, and sun all day. Gemma, the baby on the other hand, was actually a dream. She smiled the entire time and only fussed when she was hungry or sleepy. I think she enjoyed the peace and tranquil grounds the Paradisus offers.

The big kids were so spoiled. They had whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted it. Pina Coladas and Strawberry Daiquiri’s, non alcoholic were their absolute favorite part. Our biggest decsision everyday was if we should go by the pool or beach. I absolutely love the ocean and sand, but the kids seem like have more fun in the pool. There was a section in the enormous swimming pool that was only a few feet, so they were able to stand.


Friday was the wedding day. Ryder felt so important to be the ring bearer, while Siella wasn’t really sure what was happening other than she was in a fancy dress. The wedding was absolutely wonderful. The bride, Assel was stunning and our cousin Charlie couldn’t be happier. It was small and imitimate with only close family and friends. The kids tore up the dance floor running and dancing around. This day brought back so many memories for us, and we still cannot believe our wedding happened 6 years ago!


Most of our family left on Sunday, which left us much needed time to spend with our little family, just the 5 of us. I managed to escape for 80 minutes to get a massage on the beach. It was an absolute dream! I think it was at that point that, my vacation sort of begun! More to come about our other adventure at the Hard Rock, Punta Cana!

……to be continued

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8 thoughts on “Family Travel: Punta Cana {Part I}”

  1. I LOVE your photos! I wish I could transport myself there right now. I can only the image the struggle of being in paradise and not really relaxing with three little ones. But, I’m so glad that you snuck away for a massage. I can’t wait for part two 🙂

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