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Family Holiday Photo Outfit Ideas

As we approach the holiday season, I’ve begun to think about sending Christmas cards and holiday cards to family members and friends. I like to get a head start on everything so I can send them out right after Thanksgiving. Family pictures can be tough, sometimes the kids are antsy and finding a color scheme or Christmas outfits we can all wear cohesively is not an easy task. Holiday family photos should be full of family outfits that you will all wear again! Not just that one time for the picture. The most important thing is that you are happy! These are photos you will have forever and you are in control of the photo shoot. Here are some family outfit ideas and main colors you can use for inspiration!

Where to Begin

Call me old fashioned, but I have to start this process with a to-do list! Even if I have everything all figured out in my head, it just keeps me more organized to see it in front of me and from there I can actually check things off. I split it up between different ideas for the whole family. For instance, I need to get a white shirt for one of the kids, hire a professional photographer, grab different shades of eyeshadow to try out for my look, etc. It ranges from things that need to be picked up at the store to actually physically getting myself organized with the items I have ready to go.

Color Scheme

The color scheme runs the family Christmas photos. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we really want to showcase that in our family holiday photos. There are so many different ways you can go here. For instance, festive colors like the traditional red or even Christmas sweaters are classic options. Another idea is to take neutral tones and create a good time out of it! You can never go wrong with neutrals, they make outfit combination even easier. Mixing in different fabrics such as velvet and chunky sweaters can also add a lot to the photo, in small doses. I also think doing outdoor activities in the photos are the perfect winter accessory. Bring the family outside and make it look like you’re out on a walk, posed by a Christmas tree or to your favorite places. Give yourself different options as your backdrop that go well with your outfits!

Start Shopping

I’ve created a few shopping collages for you to pull inspiration from! A few places I like to shop from are Anthropologie, Nordstrom, J Crew and Maisonette. This time of year is so special and I hope I can bring a little bit of peace and organization to anyone who might need it! Let me know what you are doing for your holiday photos this year! Happy Holidays!

Greenwich Mini Dress, Tiered Tulle Dress, Feather Top, Sequin Midi, Floral Midi, Gold Heels, Silver Heels, White Mules, Green Platforms

Gray Sweater, Green Sweater, Brown Sweater, Gray Pants, Green Plaid Shirt, Red Plaid Shirt, Brown Corduroy Pants, Brown Shoes

Red Plaid Dress, Green Flannel Dress, Red Velvet Dress, Red Headband, Cream Pullover Sweater, Cream Puff Sleeve Sweater, Sequin Shoes, Plaid Skirt, Metallic Skirt

Flannel Shirt, Grey Polo Shirt, Cream Cable Knit Sweater, Brown Chinos, Gray Slacks, Beige Chinos, Tan Boots

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13 thoughts on “Family Holiday Photo Outfit Ideas”

  1. We have two kids and I hope we will make some family holiday photos this year. It is so hard to dress up everybody and organize good place. Thank you for useful tips!

  2. I love these outfits. My partner does not usually do matching outfits with the kids but I would like him to try them at least once.

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