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Family Date Night: 5oz Factory {$100 gift card}

As much as Jason and I love having a date night, it is also extremely important to me that we all do things as a family. HowAboutWe, my go to for all my dates, recently added a Family Friendly Collection. I was instantly drawn to it and loved every “family friendly” place they recommended. Some of the fun dates included Cheese Melts and Custard at 5oz Factory, Holiday City Lights Cruise, and DIY Dinner at Walk-In Cookbook.

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NYC always has so much to offer kids; but sometimes I draw a blank on where to take the kids and wind up doing the same things with them. It’s nice to have HowAboutWe as a resource. For their Family Friendly Collection, they spoke to dozens of moms and crafted this collection with their specific recommendations and needs, such as dates that ended early, didn’t include alcohol, weren’t too physically strenuous, and offered true “one-on-one time.”Since we decided to have a date night once a month, the HowAboutWe for Couples, Family Collection has now inspired me to do the same with the kids.


For our Family Date Night, we chose to go to 5oz Factory. Located in the heart of the West Village, I was so shocked we have never tried out this totally family friendly space. My family and I were able to enjoy Wisconsin cheese melts, soda (root beer) floats top with frozen custard in this causal setting. It was such a treat for them as was for Jason and me. The owner of the shop was present and couldn’t have been nicer to our family!






Before kids Jason and I were out almost every single night. Even if it were for a quick bite. Obvsiously three kids later can definitely change things up a bit. I am so grateful for our monthly HowAboutWe dates that reminds us to slow down and make time for ourselves. And now with their new Family Collection, being a member is a reminder to escape from the daily hustle and bustle and make time for you and family. And who wouldn’t want a night off from cooking! HowAboutWe wants to make sure busy parents take time for themselves — with or without kids.

What dates do you love? Take a look at their DateBook, and let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what speaks to you and your family. I’ll randomly pick a winner to get $100 off their first date! Contest will run today till November 30th 6pm EST.

(And if you’re not in the mood to enter — no worries. Click here to get $50 off your first HowAboutWe for Couples Date!


 This post is a sponsored. 


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22 thoughts on “Family Date Night: 5oz Factory {$100 gift card}”

  1. Wow, there are so many things to choose from! My husband and I are really interested in the Couples Workshop at Brooklyn Glass and the Ring-Smithing Class at Liloveve for our dates. As a family, we’d go to 5oz Factory because that’s something our 20 month old daughter could happily enjoy too!

  2. Wow all of them are amazing ! I know it’s so hard to get out but we would enjoy anything with our Brady bunch 🙂 you have to have family time because it’s important not only for us as parents but to the children . You make great memories that way with them!!!

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  4. The cheesy melts and custard factory sounds perfect for our fam of 5!!!! I would love a chance to win a family date their! Family dates are our favorite thing to do! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  5. The holiday lights cruise sounds like a BLAST! My son has been mesmerized by the few holiday lights he has seen thus far. I can not imagine his little face seeing the lights on the cruise.

  6. This is such a great idea – i didn’t know they had ‘family friendly’ options! since maximo is still little i’d do the walk in cookbook – how COOL is that! i love to cook at home and this is a new way to ‘eat in’ while ‘eating out!’

  7. Does Booze & Burgers sound bad? I can’t remember the last date night I had alone. It’s either with my kids screaming or me tagging along with my husband and friends. This is something we would both enjoy.

  8. I LOVE seeing your date night posts and it is so cool to see the whole fam enjoying a tailored date! It looks like they have great options! I want to salsa dance with my husband. xx

  9. You have inspired me with your posts. There are so many great choices to choose from but one that jumped out at me was getting pool lessons from a professional. We would shoot pool a lot when we were dating. I know my husband would get a kick of that one.

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