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Everything to do in NYC in March

New York City is full of the best things in the world! While it’s always a great place to visit, I have to say it feels like a bit of a strange month because we are transitioning of winter to spring and everything is changing. Of course, the usual amazing things are seeing a Broadway show, visiting Times Square, going to an observation deck or on a walking tour, viewing the Statue of Liberty and seeing views from Rockefeller Center. I’m lucky enough to live in one of the best places in the whole entire world and I think as the seasons change, it’s a great time to experience both some of my favorite things and brand new things in the big apple. Here are some special events and NYC happenings to check out this month!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is this month and what better city to be in than NYC?! There are tons of pubs that have specials going on all weekend long- I’ve actually made a roundup of some of the best ones here! This annual event is something that is a great reason to step out of the house and enjoy some beers with great friends. They also have the Parade taking place on the 17th from 11AM-4:30PM. It will begin on 5th Avenue and 44th Street and they march all the way up to 79th Street.

Affordable Art Fair

This has got to be one of the coolest events this month! Head over to the Metropolitan Pavilion on the 22nd through the 26th to enjoy art pieces ranging from $100-$12,000. If you recently moved, this is also a great opportunity to find some amazing pieces for your space. If it’s your first time looking at art, this is a great place to check out! Ticket prices are out and readily available!

Macy’s Flower Show

The Macy’s Flower show is back and I couldn’t be more excited! This is an event I look forward to every year because it’s always so stunning and inspirational. I think it couldn’t come at a better time, either, as it’s Women’s History Month and we deserve something beautiful to look at. The winter months can feel long and a little dreary, so a great way to cheer up is to look at flowers and signs of spring. Located in Herald Square, this display is back and one of the more fun things to look forward to this month! It’s also fewer tourists here because it’s more of a local thing, so if you want to do what the locals are doing, check this out!

March Madness

I know, I know. Sports is not really my thing. But I do know March Madness appears every year and it is one of the more exciting moments in sports that takes place. It begins on March 14th and it’s the perfect time to root for your team. Plan out your games and make sure you either have tickets are a couch to park a seat at because you won’t want to miss a moment of this!

Celebrate Women’s History Month

It’s Women’s History Month and I want to start out by saying I am so proud to be on this earth as the same time as all of you brilliant women! Thank you for constantly inspiring me and being amazing role models for the future generations. May our daughters continue on our legacy! There are tons of things going on this month in the city for Women’s History month, it’s really the perfect place to be. Something I’m doing is baking recipes created by women that inspire me and sharing them over lunches with my family and friends to celebrate how far we’ve come in this country for women. While, we still have ways to go, it’s nice to celebrate where we are now. Timeout has all the happenings for the month and they are all worth checking out!

Dog Man the Musical

If you’re looking for a show to bring your kids to, look no further! This hilarious show is all about a dog who fights crime and saves the world. It’s based on the Dog Man book series that was written by Dav Pilkey and will be at the New World Stages starting Monday, March 13th. So get your tickets now!

International Children’s Film Festival

I think this is something my kids look forward to each year! It’s one of the top things we love about being in the city. It’s a great way to discover new films we may not have found otherwise. Tickets are officially on sale and at around $12, I can say they are totally affordable for the city! It’s one of the top things worth seeing this month!

NY Sounds of Spring

Carnegie Hall really knows how to welcome spring! If it’s your first visit to the city of New York, I’d say this should be at the top of your list! It opens late March, on the 21st and tickets are currently available for purchase. Have a good time with some music!

Kids Broadway Night

If you live here or are visiting, you should know there is such thing as kids Broadway night! On Tuesday, March 21st, kids 18 and under can get a free ticket to participating shows. This is a huge deal because tickets can go as high as hundreds of dollars to some shows. The accompanying adult must have a full priced ticket for this to qualify and it applies the order as 50% off the other ticket. Shows like Aladdin, Bad Cinderella, Camelot, Chicago and more are participating! Get your tickets now!

Ice Skate at Manhattan West

It’s the season of ice skating! My kids love to try out all the rinks each year and we’ll start with Manhattan West’s! It’s a pretty decent sized rink surrounded by shopping, a hotel and food! So you can make a staycation out of it! What’s even more fun, is that they always have events going on that feature great things like free skating, some hot chocolate and more! Now is one of the last times to do this before the rink closes for the spring! I have a whole post on the best rinks in town linked here if you want to check it out!

The Standard High Line

We all know the High Line as the place we can walk with great views of the city. But did you know that had a ton of stuff going on over there like restaurants, a hotel and bumper cars?! Yes, they have bumper cars on ice this winter! Make a whole afternoon out of it! Start at the Biergarten, the Standard Grill for food and finish the night off with Bumper car fun and stay at the Standard Hotel! There’s so much more to do in the neighborhood, too.

Orchid Show

The Orchid Show is something we look forward to each year! It’s such a unique event at a great place! The Botanical Gardens are so serene and a spot the whole family can enjoy. The show was designed by the artist Lily Kwong and is inspired by her ancestors with a meditative vibe. If you’re looking for an artsy activity to do this month, you have to check it out! It will be taking place until April 23rd, but tickets will fly!

Enjoy a Date Night at Lavaux Wine Bar

Finally, I saw this online and could not resist! I’m planning the ultimate date night here this month and we are so excited! Located on Hudson Street, this bar not only has phenomenal cocktails, but the food is out of this world! They have fondue, raclette, desserts, boards and so much more! I love a good bite with cocktails and the atmosphere here is like nothing I’ve experienced. Book a reservation at this Switzerland-inspired spot.

Prepare for Easter

Now I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it early? No! It’s not because Easter is on April 9th this year and it will appear way quicker than we realize. Is anyone else having shipping issues already? If you need to order things like Easter baskets, don’t worry, I have a great roundup headed your way! But if you’re in the city, why not do some shopping! Take this time to shop in Soho, go to local boutiques, stroll down 5th ave- there’s never anything wrong with window shopping. It’s a great way to get ideas and the weather is starting to get nicer!

Rollerblading at The Edge

If you haven’t heard about Sky Skate, get out the door and go try it! The Edge has a roller rink– in the sky! You can roller skate with the best views in the city, which is even better because it’s cold out so it’s a nice indoor activity. They are open until March 14th and have a live DJ on Thursdays and Fridays! Tickets are available now!

Galerie Templon

This art gallery is all about signs of life and it was created by Chiharu Shiota. Everything is just so incredible to see in real life and the textures are fantastic. After a decade from being in the NY contemporary art scene, this artist is back and better than ever! If you’re looking for something to do, you have to check out this exhibit!

For more NYC happenings, visit here!

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16 thoughts on “Everything to do in NYC in March”

  1. I’ve never visited NYC. My family all has – but I’ve still got to check it off the bucket list. Sounds like March has some great activities. Thank you for highlighting them!

  2. Whitney Stewart

    I’ve never been to NYC; not once. But your post has definitely got me interested! I’ve always wanted to see broadway live and in person! Thanks do Lu h for sharing!

  3. Patricia Chamberlain

    I’ve only been to NYC once and it was in November. It looks like the city has a lot to offer in March! I’d love to see the flower show!

  4. My kids love the Dog Man series and we had no idea they’re doing a musical. Wll definitely look into this. Thank you for sharing. So happy to see this on time.

  5. We had to cancel our plans to go to NYC last December, and we’ve rescheduled for late November because I want to see it at holiday time. Do you have any tips for that time of year in NYC? Thanks for this post, it has me excited for our plans.

    1. We do a post every month with things to do in the city. Holiday time is the perfect to visit NYC. I would suggest ice skating in Rockefeller center or Central Park, the tree does not go up till December, but there are others that should be up. Window displays along 5th Ave, theres Santa at Macys Herald Square, see a Broadway show. The South Street seaport always has a holiday activation. Definitely reach out before you come and we can send a list over 😉

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