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Easter At Its Best

It amazes me how the years go by, the holidays with my children become more and more filled with special traditions that we have created. Little things, like making the same pies every Easter, visiting the same Easter Bunny, attending the Easter festivities in our neighborhood, to leaving out the same monogrammed baskets for the Easter Bunny to fill. As the kids are getting older, they are starting to remember these little classics and look forward to them year after year. It may not sound like much, but it’s what our little family of five does and couldn’t be more perfect. I do hope they remember all of our special memories and carry them on with their own families.



Last year was a little bit of a blur with Gemma just being born. I remember coming home with her the day before Easter and was determined to make sure the big kids colored eggs and did our usual Easter prep, all in the mass chaos of bringing home a new baby. This year was so, totally different actually having all three children enjoying the fun festivities.


In keeping with tradition we colored eggs the night before. We had glitter eggs, sticker eggs, and even teenage mutant turtle eggs. The kids had a (messy) blast! The next morning they went searching for their eggs both real and plastic. Even Gemma was enjoying the fun little goodies she was finding inside the eggs.


After our super long and sweet morning, I finished up my baking. Every year I make Pizza Rustica pies, which is an Italian Easter pie. My good friend Dawn gave me this recipe that I use year after year from her Grandmother. I make a few for both sides of our family. And I usually make a fun Easter desserts. This year my friend Christine posted this adorable cake on her Facebook asking if anyone would make it for her. I loved it so much, as did the kids, I told her I would make an extra one for her. The kids totally helped with this one and I think we might add it on to our yearly traditions.



Next, it was off to both families to do our usual rounds. We headed to my parents house first where the Easter bunny visited yet again. These kids are so lucky to have amazing family surrounding (and spoiling) them.



The day was filled with an Easter Bunny appearance, egg hunts, and lots o’ sweets! It was so incredible to have the sun shining and to be outside on this special spring day! The kids had an absolute delightful time and the day couldn’t have been more perfect.


Hope you all enjoyed your day as much as we did! Happy Easter!


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