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Children’s Books For February

In February we celebrate so many special themes including history, equality, love, and kindness. As my children get older and their minds start asking some of those deeper questions, these themes get discussed more and more in our home. I wanted to share some of my favorite reads around these discussions that my children love and have loved.

This encouraging vocabulary based book helps our children learn new themes and concepts. A great introductory book for younger children asking “whats that mean?”.
Along the same lines, Big Ideas For Young Thinkers is a more advanced approach to worldly ideas and concepts. Life can be hard to navigate at all ages and this book helps guide the initial questions.
Oprah Winfrey’s tenacity and hard work is an amazing example for all our little girls. Oprah’s story can inspire all girls to believe in themselves and their dreams.
As we celebrate MLK every last Monday of January my children learn more and more about the inspirational man who encouraged kindness in us all. Little People Big Dreams is a great series of fascinating individuals who changed the world for the better.
A little act of love can bloom to a really big thing. A sweet story that reminds us all how joyous it can be to spread love!
Follow along the different colors of love and what makes them each specially unique. Theres definitely a color for everyone!
A story about the responsibility behind words and language. Readers will be reminded how powerful the way we speak to ourselves and others can be.
Sweet Robot Z finds a note that says “Love Beatrice”, but what does love mean? Follow his journey to discover the meaning of love!
A fun geometric story about accepting others and the joy of new friends even if it means a bit of change.
I’m a big fan of this entire musical series, who recently won the Mom’s Choice Award. The most darling musical books for young children and babies.
An encouraging book to help teach all our children to do their best to meet their moral goals. Tomorrow is always a new day for them to be their best selves and make themselves proud.
The newest edition to the very popular Rebel Girl Books. I love these stories and highly recommend them to families with young girls.

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20 thoughts on “Children’s Books For February”

  1. Such great books for kids. It is so nice to learn about important people like Oprah and Martin Luther King through this books. i will try and find these titles for my nieces and nephews

  2. These are pretty great themes. It is nice to do something different every time. Tomorrow I’ll be kind is my favorite.

  3. These look like a lot of great books. My daughters both really love those crayon books too. It’s one of their favorites.

  4. i love this list of books you found- im heading to the library this afternoon to grab some for my daughter so i cant wait to see if they have any of these!

  5. I like the fact that there are books of public figures’ life stories that can help inspire and motivate children to fulfill their goals as they grow up! Great book suggestions!

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