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Carefree Curly

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All of my life, I’ve had long hair with natural curls, but it wasn’t until my twenties that I  finally started to embrace my locks. I remember countless episodes of crying to my mom about how I hated my curls. All I wanted was straight hair. Now with two young girls of my own, both with curly hair, I am always conscious about how I treat my hair, so they don’t develop the same hair baggage I carried as a kid. A blow out here or there is not a big deal, as long I show them that I embrace my natural hair, and all its beauty.

How To Love Your HairHow To Love Your Hair

Like most young girls, I was very into changing my look and trying new hairstyles constantly, and I probably spent too much time fixating on my looks. As a mom now, I am much more aware of how I present myself to my daughters. I don’t want them obsess over looks, but I still want them to appreciate what they have, while taking care of themselves. My girls are pretty lucky to have naturally curly hair. Siella has soft and flowing curls, while Gemma’s thick and glorious mane gives me total hair envy. Right now, they are all about braids, still fueled by their Elsa craze, but I do make it a point to have them keep their hair down, and let it be. Hopefully I can make a difference and help them embrace their natural beauty, and ensure that they grow up feeling confident.

How To Love Your Hair

Dove’s “Love Your Hair” campaign found that 8 in 10 women feel pressure to wear their hair a certain way and that for many, these pressures begin at an early age. Girls learn to care about themselves from their mothers, which drove me to partner with Dove, to help teach our daughters that their hair is beautiful. That they are beautiful just the way they are!

How To Love Your Hair How To Love Your HairHow To Love Your HairHow To Love Your Hair

Visit LoveYouHair.com to create your own animated photo message to inspire young girls in your life to love their hair! #LoveYourHair

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6 thoughts on “Carefree Curly”

  1. What a great campaign. My girls love wearing their hair natural and curly, and sadly, have received negative comments from some of their classmates when they do. Thankfully, I am raising strong girls who brush off those snide remarks and embrace their natural beauty.

  2. My hair has always been curly and frizzy and i always disliked my hair. I have recently learned to love my hair with the right product and finding the right style for me. So far it looks like my daughter has the complete opposite hair as me, pin straight and blonde lol. But i will always want her to embrace her hair the way it is!

  3. Most people almost always want the exact opposite of their own hair type. It’s fun to play with different looks, but it’s great for your daughter to be encouraged to love her natural hair. I participated in the twitter party Dove hosted (sadly didn’t win any prizes though) 🙂

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