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Building A World Of Possibilities

Being a mom of two girls I am always aware of all the subliminal messages being sent to my daughters in books, toys, movies, you name it. I am also aware of the messages I send. As a mom, wife and entrepreneur I try to set an example for my daughters and teach them that they can be and do whatever they want.

How To Encourage Your Daughter's Interest in STEM

My girls have always had a healthy curiosity about how things work. They love building and figuring out problems. It is important for women to be equally represented in every field and so when I hear statistics about the lack of women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), it makes me encourage my daughters’ interests in STEM even more.

How To Encourage Your Daughter's Interest in STEM

Wonderhood Toys can help change the way girls approach these subjects by inspiring their creative and scientific sides. Wonderhood Toys makes creative building sets that allow kids to design and build their own dream house, hotel, shop, anything they want.

How To Encourage Your Daughter's Interest in STEM How To Encourage Your Daughter's Interest in STEM

My girls have been working with a few of the sets. The Grand Hotel, Corner Shop and Pet Place are so fun and the figurines that go with them are interchangeable. The Grand Hotel is pretty perfect for my kids because we travel so much. Now they can design their own hotel, make notes, take it apart and build it differently next time. It is pretty incredible. Gemma has designed and redesigned her Pet Place a dozen times and the Corner Shop is definitely a joint venture—it is nice to see them working together on these creations. They share advice and design input—it is empowering to watch these two budding architects collaborate.

How To Encourage Your Daughter's Interest in STEMHow To Encourage Your Daughter's Interest in STEM How To Encourage Your Daughter's Interest in STEM

Wonderhood sets pack down flat so they are easy to store and even travel with! I am already making a list of all the little girls in our lives that could benefit from these fun and interactive toys. Who run the world?

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17 thoughts on “Building A World Of Possibilities”

  1. Oh wow this looks like such a fun thing for them to play with! I always love hearing about things I can buy my friends kids!

  2. This is a nice toy for kids to engage in creative play. If my daughter was still a child, I would get her a set. Anyway, I think toy would make a great gift for a niece who will be celebrating a birthday soon.

  3. I so wish I had something like this when I was younger. I am going to try to buy it for my niece now that she’s sleeping over more. I know it will be much fun to enjoy this with her.

  4. Heather Johnson

    I have two girls (and a boy) who would love these building sets. The Grand Hotel, Corner Shop, and Pet Place would be a huge hit in my house!

  5. I have never heard of this brand before but I like the idea behind this. This looks like a fun and educative building set that my two nieces would enjoy.

  6. Oh wow what an awesome set up this is. There is something wonderful about being able to build your own world in your own way and letting your imagination run wild.

  7. Reesa Lewandowski

    What a fun toy! My daughter loves things like this. While I can barely open the box, she can get something like this put together in no time!

  8. This looks like such a wonderful and imaginative toy-I love it! Would make a great gift for a niece’s birthday.

  9. I know for a fact that my youngest girls would love playing with this when they are a little older. Looks like a worthwhile investment.

  10. These are so cool! My daughter is about a year away from playing with this. I can’t wait. I want her to learn to build and use her brain before all else. It’s just so fun to watch them work hard and be rewarded with a fun game.

  11. Solange Schipani

    Love to see your girls enjoying our Wonderhood sets! And thank you for your kind words. The messages we send our girls and things we expose them to, even in simple daily playtime, make a big difference!

  12. Omg what a cute doll house!!! Totally something I can see my daughter living and spending hours playing with

  13. Ah, this looks like so much fun! I am so envious of all the neat toys my kiddos are offered compared to what I had.

  14. That looks like a cute thing for girls to have around and play with! I know my 9 yr old daughter would likely enjoy this.

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