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A Visit to Charleston

I recently was able to go on a quick trip to Charleston, South Carolina and it’s quite a cute little town full of historic homes, historic buildings and the Charleston Harbor! It’s a great place to explore historic houses, cobblestone streets, some of the best restaurants and shopping in the downtown area. I’m sure you could even go on a ghost tour, but I didn’t do that! It’s a pretty historic city with a lot going on, but I think it’s important to educate ourselves on the towns we visit on trips. From a waterfront park to some of the best places to eat, I was with the best tour guides to tour Charleston for the first time. Here’s everything I did and saw in the city of Charleston and the best ways to spend a weekend getaway in this great spot!



Things to See

There is never really enough time to spend anywhere to feel like you have fully immersed yourself in that city and done the most popular things. And in a southern city, where there is a ton of United States history, I felt a pull between going to learn like the history buffs and getting to explore. They have things like a walking tour, you can head to the historic district or a house museum. There’s lots of rich history to be discovered. But for me, I like the local artists and downtown Charleston shopping. I think shopping is usually my tour guide when I go on a trip!

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Bike Ride

I love a good bike ride! I think it’s one of the most fun ways to explore a new city or even enjoy the city you live in! Getting fresh air and a bit of exercise is honestly the best time! The weather in the south is definitely nicer than New York, so I was taking the time to enjoy it! You can go on a guided tour or explore Charleston itinerary on your own.

Sunset Boat Cruise

You had me at boat! I think boats are the perfect place to watch the sunset from. It really is so nice to be out in nature and feel the sea breeze while the sky turns cotton candy. Charleston really has some beautiful beaches and that little bit of breeze was so pleasant! I had no idea how many sunset cruises they offered and I found a page that gives a great breakdown of some options if you’re interested! I highly recommend doing one, it’s a short walk on the beach to get to the boat!

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Let’s talk all things food! I love finding new restaurants and one of the best things you can do on a trip is find a new food to enjoy! Here are a few places we ate at! I think the best way to explore all of the options is to go on a food tour.

Home Team BBQ

BBQ fans, this one is for you! Charleston sc has some of the best barbecue in the country! Have you ever had a Carolina BBQ sauce? You’re missing out if you haven’t! Located in Downtown Charleston, this is definitely a go-to spot. They’re great everything is super fresh and local and they have just about every BBQ sauce you can imagine!

home team bbq, rooftop

Dewberry Living room bar

Firstly, this is actually a hotel- so if you’re looking for somewhere to stay, start here! Dare I mention there’s a spa.. Anyway, we started the night out with cocktails at The Living Room Bar, which is also a restaurant with yummy food. But the drinks I think are where they thrive! Everything was phenomenal and the atmosphere was amazing!

dewberry living room bar charleston

Islander 71

You know I have to talk about seafood! especially when we’re near a body of water where the options are super fresh. It’s a super casual, fun spot to go to and a great way to begin your night! Daily catch, shrimp and grits, crab soup, nothing beats fresh seafood! One of my top things to eat on a trip is fish, I can’t resist it!

islander 71


We all know I will scope out the shopping anywhere I go! It’s a harmless obsession! When I leave NYC, I like to explore the town I’m in for either local shops or stores that maybe don’t get the attention they deserve here. The south is great at bringing bright colors into fashion, which New York doesn’t always do, so I felt excited to shop there!


I am so excited I was introduced to this shop on this trip! It’s my newest obsession! They have a 70’s and 80’s vibe as an artisan shop focusing on the quality of life. I love a business with a good system behind it! They have stunning prints and are known for their dresses, but they also have a fantastic kids selection. Unique pieces are always welcome in my wardrobe.

Vineyard Vines

This is a store that I’m sure more of you have heard of, as it’s a national brand! Their quality is fantastic and they are known for their classic styles. Classic stays forever, it never goes out of style. Especially with the Coastal Grandmother trend that was everywhere this summer, this brand nails that style. They are the best in that category. And I’m here for it! With tons of prints, colors and textures, there is something for everyone here.

vineyard vines

Hermosa Jewelry

Jewelry is where my heart is! This store was absolutely adorable and the pieces were fabulous! They have fantastic gift options and quite a few pieces I had my eye on to match with my girls. The best part is that it’s really affordable and fun. If you’re into the permanent jewelry options, they have those too!


Oofos Shoes

Now these are some cool shoes! It blows my mind to see the technology in modern products. They really think of everything these days. But these shoes have a foam sole that absorbs 37% more impact that other foam shoes. This aids in reducing stress on your feet and ankles, which is great for someone like me who is always on the go! With plenty of options from sandals to sneakers, you can find a shoe for everyone there!


Randolph Sunglasses

Sunnies are a necessity all year round. They are not just for summer! And they go with every outfit. We got to check out Randolph Sunglasses and I must say, they have some sweet sunnies! I was obsessed with it all and couldn’t decide what my favorite pair was!

randolph sunglasses


This post was originally published November 3rd, 2022*

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  1. What a lovely article on a historic and beautiful city. Thank you for sharing your knowledge (p.s. love your outfits – I need to travel so chicly! )

  2. Wow! I had no idea that there is so much to see and do in Charleston. Love the idea of going on a sunset boat cruise. I can imagine how amazing it would be. Can’t wait to try their BBQ too. Looking forward to visiting soon.

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